Financial pressure for teachers is deeper than classroom supplies

Administrators can be a powerful force for change by advocating for affordable continuing professional education and helping to retain teachers.

Report: There’s no sign of slowing the K-12 digital transformation

A Project Tomorrow study shows that despite the quick shift to remote learning during COVID-19, educators, children and their parents have embraced technology like never before

How one of nation’s biggest districts talks about race and racism

One change in behavior that can begin to dismantle systemic racism and implicit biases in K-12 education involves the hundreds of "discretionary moments" that occur during the school day. 

Teacher education lacks lessons on positive behavior reinforcement

Research-based classroom management approaches are being included more in college programs for future teachers, but the strategy with the most research behind its efficacy is least likely to be taught.

4 financial constraints dissuading student teachers

Concerns about compensation and paying back loans discourage college students from studying education and pursuing teaching careers, according to a new report.

How will the 2020 Biden-Trump election impact K-12?

The homework gap and connecting all students to the internet will remain one of the key K-12 challenges facing either Don Trump's or Joe Biden's administration after the 2020 election.

Here are the keys to battling teacher burnout during COVID

COVID has so disrupted K-12 education that building leaders and teachers can look at 2020-21 as their first year in the profession.

Why teacher morale relies on clarity, competence and community

Teachers shouldn't feel like they have to become experts at every new piece of technology. Administrators should remind educators that it's OK to make mistakes.

Administrator support essential to maintain teacher morale

Here's why administrators should focus on fewer resources, encourage professional learning communities and communicate clearly.

How to create a virtual online learning academy

Darlington County School District in rural South Carolina saw an overwhelming response when educators there launched a virtual academy to enhance online learning this school year.

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