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5 ways districts can better handle social media threats

School leaders should work with law enforcement to develop a response plan that starts discreetly, at a lower intensity, and scales up rapidly if a threat becomes credible.

TikTok lessons: Why students should become the new creators

Engaging students is a national priority. Can elements of TikTok’s appeal be integrated into curriculum design?

If you like to use TikTok, here’s how to protect students

TikTok's popularity is surging in the classroom: the hashtags #teachersoftiktok and #teacher have a combined 96.1 billion views across all videos.

How to help families overcome social media health problems

The medical community doesn’t have a full grasp on just how social media affects the health of students but a new report offers some solutions without calling for an outright ban.

How two superintendents strive to be “real people”

Two leaders highlight key steps on a journey many K12 leaders take—that of humanizing themselves in their relationships with staff and students.

How a superintendent’s “Dr. Hannigan’s Shenanigans” videos became a big hit

Superintendent Peter Hannigan's series of video interviews with students and other activities was "renewed" for a second season after a five-episode run last school year. "Being visible as a superintendent is one of my top priorities," says the Chicago-area district leader.

K12 social media crackdown: Bill threatens to cut off E-Rate funding

"Eyes on the Board Act," which singles out TikTok and Instagram, would require schools and districts that receive federal broadband funding to prohibit students from accessing any and all social media apps on "subsidized services, devices, and networks."

Why this superintendent calls himself an ‘edu-tainer’ in K12 communications

Superintendent John B. Gordon III leads Suffolk Public Schools in telling a positive story about students and staff in the face of political antagonism and racism, deploying social media—Facebook and Instagram, in particular—to keep the community informed and engaged in Suffolk Public Schools' achievements and activities.

Recruiting tools: Why these states are the best places for teachers to work

Can social media—a source of much consternation in K12 these days—play a crucial role in whether the states your districts call home remain among the best (or worst) for educators? Superintendents and their teams should consider leveraging Instagram, X and other platforms to connect teaching recruits with more experienced educators who can share reasons to come work in the district, advises Ramon Goings, an associate professor in the Language Literacy & Culture Doctoral Program at the University of Maryland.

Social media is undermining education, says the AFT. What needs to change?

This new report serves as a reality check to social media companies that need to make "fundamental changes" to their platforms so that students' and educators' lives may be improved as a result.

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