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Why this superintendent calls himself an ‘edu-tainer’ in K12 communications

Superintendent John B. Gordon III leads Suffolk Public Schools in telling a positive story about students and staff in the face of political antagonism and racism, deploying social media—Facebook and Instagram, in particular—to keep the community informed and engaged in Suffolk Public Schools' achievements and activities.

Recruiting tools: Why these states are the best places for teachers to work

Can social media—a source of much consternation in K12 these days—play a crucial role in whether the states your districts call home remain among the best (or worst) for educators? Superintendents and their teams should consider leveraging Instagram, X and other platforms to connect teaching recruits with more experienced educators who can share reasons to come work in the district, advises Ramon Goings, an associate professor in the Language Literacy & Culture Doctoral Program at the University of Maryland.

Social media is undermining education, says the AFT. What needs to change?

This new report serves as a reality check to social media companies that need to make "fundamental changes" to their platforms so that students' and educators' lives may be improved as a result.

Crackdown on cellphones expands as 2023-24 school year approaches

District leaders are implementing new restrictions as they look to eliminate distractions and shift academic recovery into a higher gear in the 2023-24 school year.

These 5 superintendents say time has come for social media ‘guardrails’

Outside of education, policymakers and children's advocates are ready to putt age limits on social media use. Inside K12, educators are blaming social media for the worsening teen mental health crisis.

Do school districts stand a chance suing social media giants?

More and more school districts are joining the legal battle against social media companies to protect students' mental health. But this expert says he's not very optimistic.

6 keys to successful school communication and engagement in the digital age

District leaders are paying more attention to branding and marketing, particularly as schools face new competition for students and teachers.

How to make social media a force for good for girls in your schools

While kids probably aren't going to suddenly stop using social media, educators and other adults can work to turn the often-vilified online platforms into a more positive influence in the emotional lives of students.

Superintendents’ love-hate relationship with social media: How to navigate it

“If you’re not utilizing social media to communicate to your parents or your audience, then you’re missing the boat in 2023,” says one superintendent, asserting that the rewards of doing so far outweigh the problems.

How this superintendent uses social media to establish credibility

“The idea that people need to keep in mind is when people don’t know what you do as a superintendent, they make up what you do as a superintendent,” says Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, superintendent of the Fall Creek School District in Wisconsin.

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