Why “Be Where Your Feet Are” is this distinguished principal’s motto

Principal Karissa Lang is focused on boosting teacher and staff morale, and reducing burnout by helping maintain a work-life balance.

How 2023’s distinguished principals stand out for serving students

37 middle and elementary school leaders made NAESP's 2023 National Distinguished Principals list for driving academic growth during years of disruption, diversifying their staff and improving outreach to non-English speaking families.

How 2 new principals are reinventing the beginning of the school year

Ashley Bowling, the new principal of Florence Middle School in Alabama, has revamped her building's "opening ceremonies" with an eye toward making her students more comfortable with technology. 

Roughly 10% left the principalship during the 2021-22 school year. Why?

"Principal attrition is higher in public schools than it was five years ago, and veteran public school leaders with more years of experience leave the profession at higher rates than those with less experience," NCES Commissioner Peggy G. Carr said in a statement.

What’s on this principal’s mind in 2023? Transparent leadership, for one

The role of the traditional K12 principal is now viewed through an entirely new lens, says Scott Gengler, principal at Wayzata High School in Plymouth, Minnesota. It's up to leaders to protect the narrative that truly reflects the good work happening in their schools.

A sudden principal termination and several shakeups leave educators puzzled

Kurt Dennis, longtime principal at McAuliffe International School at Denver Public Schools, was fired last week after he allegedly broke student privacy laws. Now, the community is rallying for his reinstatement.

‘What does student preparedness really mean?’ How one principal is redefining it

"For a long time, people looked at preparedness from an academic standpoint," says Scott Gengler, principal at Wayzata High School. "But I'm not sure kids see the relevancy all the time."

3 reasons principals have a hard time hiring teachers—and how to overcome them

As staffing shortages persist in 2023, administrators must evaluate the situation specific to their institution and incorporate solutions that would offer the greatest benefit to their teachers and students.

Leaders sound off on the top 7 challenges K12 is facing right now

Neither test scores nor grades are dominating the conversations about the biggest education challenges in 2023.

Political advocacy: Why this principal says it is essential to be a K12 champion

Political advocacy is the best way that Principal Melissa knows for K12 leaders to take control of the narratives around our education system.

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