Principal problems: How stressful is it to be a building leader these days?

The mounting challenges principals face are producing some conflicting numbers: While 94% are generally satisfied with their job, half say stress is so high they might just change careers or retire.

3 principals to watch: Reshaping learning landscapes through creative solutions

3 leaders are taking bottom-up approaches to chronic attendance problems, literacy achievement gaps and teacher shortages.

Where do education careers rank on 2023’s ‘Best Jobs’ list?

In U.S. News' list of the top 100 "Best Jobs," you won't find an education-related job in the top 50. You will, however, find mental health support staff.

Too many students lack leaders of color. What K-12 can do about it

A racial gap in a southern state reveals one of education's most pressing problems: Many students don't go to schools with leaders of color.

1 in 4 principals say they would quit ‘ASAP’ for a higher paying job

While a vast majority (94%) of K-12 public school principals are generally satisfied, many have lost enthusiasm for the profession.

Leadership Series: It’s time to reconnect students to their school

For Science Hill Principal Dr. Josh Carter, it's about stepping into the classroom and showing students the importance of serving each other and their community.

Leadership Series: She’s the go-to principal for school turnaround

After taking the helm at Allenbrook Elementary School in 2020, she quickly turned the school from a below F level to nearly a B, making it the number one growing elementary school in the district.

Administrators placed on leave after making video portraying a fake school shooting

Teachers reported that their personal Facebook photos were used to depict their deaths in the mock shooting video, which cost a superintendent and a principal their jobs.

How are principals responding to political interference? Not so well

A survey conducted by the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at the University of California Los Angeles and the Civic Engagement Research Group at the University of California Riverside showcases the concerns of nearly 700 high school principals surrounding political interference in schools.

Leadership Series: This principal now serves the school that raised him

Dr. Johnnie Marshall was an observer and student teacher in the school's first years of existence. Now, he's giving back through leadership.

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