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Matt Zalaznick is a life-long journalist. Prior to writing for District Administration he worked in daily news all over the country, from the NYC suburbs to the Rocky Mountains, Silicon Valley and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He's also in a band.

“Beyond repair”: Florida district shares first photos of storm-battered schools

More than a dozen schools suffered major damage in the School District of Lee County. Officials are still unsure when classes will resume.

Where home internet access is still lagging after race to connect students

The urgency around getting students home internet access is ebbing as more families get connected—but bandwidth and geographic gaps remain.

Will Florida schools devastated by Hurricane Ian reopen any time soon?

"There will be no school until further notice," says an alert on Charlotte County Public Schools' website. A few other districts are also unsure of when they will resume operations.

How racist ‘prank’ and a group chat derailed 2 high school football seasons

Video shows football players "pointing and yelling dollar amounts at three Black students" in apparent slave auction reenactment, according to reports.

Active shooter hoaxes are spreading panic. Here’s how to fight back

There are ways to spot active shooter hoaxes, but administrators must also huddle with SROs and the school community to combat the swatting trend.

Dozens of districts in Carolinas close or go remote awaiting hurricane that blasted Florida

Ian is now forecast to become a hurricane again and barrel through South Carolina and North Carolina on Friday afternoon. Several of the largest districts in the Carolinas are closed.

3 superintendents to watch: How they are energizing community engagement

As if a superintendent's life isn't busy enough, Lisa Witte's idea of community engagement is volunteering for her local fire department and EMT service.

Made in the shade: Why new energy is building up behind school solar panels

The case for school solar panels is one that can appeal to all community members, despite their varying political views and interests.

4 reasons these are the hardest school positions to staff right now

Special education teachers and transportation staff accounted for the most concerning school staff shortages, a survey finds.

Will schools ever provide universal free meals? Now, help is on the way

Serving healthy and free meals to all students is a key pillar of the Biden Administration's wide-ranging effort to wipe out child hunger.

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