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Matt Zalaznick

Funds provided by the CARES Act would allow schools to buy educational technology, address the needs of students with disabilities and sanitize buildings, among other provisions.
Shortages of face shields and other protective equipment motivated high school senior Emmanuel Cuevas to use his 3-D printer to produce face shields for local doctors and nurses.
Students in Tennessee's Hamilton County Schools get a social-emotional learning boost simply from connecting with teachers online while coronavirus has closed their schools.
Berea College in Kentucky is feeding local school district students during the coronavirus closure.
Some educators are sharing ideas for rearranging the school day schedule to better support teaching and learning.
Project-based and work-based learning opportunities, along with public service and civic engagement, play big roles in Kansas' statewide school redesign project.
Online learning in Colorado's Jeffco Public Schools means students are connecting with teachers through remote assignments and videoconferences.
Students in Phoenix can pick up school lunch and breakfast from mobile kitchens placed on Alhambra Elementary School District buses. The buses park in locations that students can reach without crossing major streets or walking more than a mile.
Online learning will come more naturally to students in North Carolina's Dare County Schools because they have been engaged in digital education for enrichment and dual-enrollment for the last few years.