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Matt Zalaznick

Rural school leaders have crafted their own student success strategies as policymakers have sometimes neglected small districts.
The JV team from Case High School in Wisconsin's Racine USD competes in the state high school sports league. The team's captain in the girl in the center.
Many K-12 educators are adding books with more diverse characters and content to school and classroom libraries. ( annasivak)
Student gamers compete in the inaugural season of Virginia's high school esports league. About 40 schools have joined, going head to head in the games League of Legends, Rocket League and Smite.
Children in Michigan play at Plaster Creek Family Park, a green school park that Grand Rapids Public Schools built with city government to provide the community with more access to the outdoors.
The benefits of podcast technology in the classroom include allowing students to research topics and stores in which they have deep interest. ( nicola Katie)
Celebrating holidays in the classroom inclusively is an opportunity for educators to teach students about different belief systems, including atheism. ( Discan/softluka)
In Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the civic education curriculum teaches students how to promote a cause, such as mental health care for young people. As part of the civics curriculum, hey complete projects each year in the district’s Project Citizen Fair.
Screen time can be beneficial, says one new study. Other researchers, meanwhile, are finding student use of digital devices can have a range of positive and negative impacts, depending on the device and how it's used.
A modernized E-rate program and matching funds from governors have enabled service providers to install tens of thousands of miles of new fiber to connect schools.
Students and educators can track internships and community service hours, and other college and career information, with an online service created by Chicago-area Superintendent David Schuler.
A few teachers are embracing social media app called TikTok as it lets students produce and share videos. ( Anatoliy Sizov)
Experts stress that dyslexia is not related to a child's IQ, though these students may need extra supports at school. ( damircudic)