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Matt Zalaznick

A promising new model of education involves teachers working with students in small groups while the rest of the class works with literacy coaches and participates in other activities, an FETC keynote speaker says. (GettyImages/kali9)
Joe Biden's secretary of education will have to guide schools as they reopen classrooms in 2021 and policymakers debate whether teachers should move to the front of the COVID vaccination line. (GettyImages/Vesnaandjic)
Gunter ISD Superintendent Jill Siler will discuss safety and rigorous instruction in her keynote speech at the Future of Education Technology Conference® 2021 in January.
Empathy and an attention to students' social-emotional will be crucial as schools recover from COVID, says an FETC keynote speaker. (GettyImages/Courtney Hale)
A drop in births during and following the Great Recession is a leading reason for the expected drop in high school graduates, though classes will be more diverse. (GettyImages/ArtMarie)
(GettyImages/Aleksei Naumov)
The SAT will be streamlined as a digital test by the College Board and its K-12 and higher ed partners. (GettyImages/sgursozlu)
more than 4 million Black children and more than 6.5 million Latinx children would likely participate in an afterschool program, a report has found. (GettyImages/JGI/Tom Grill)
In order to be effective, high stakes tests "should be a single star in a constellation of data," says a new report from the assessment company NWEA. says(GettyImages/RichVintage)
Urban school districts were more likely to have shifted back to distancing learning late last year. (GettyImages/intararit)
Social and emotional climate for in-person and online students is the component addressed the least in state reopening plans, with 12 states not covering the topic at all, a new report show. (GettyImages/fstop123)