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Matt Zalaznick

To build equity, principals should guide teachers in strengthening relationships with students to gather feedback constantly and share decision-making. (GettyImages/RichVintage)
Youth Truth survey reveals racial and gender disparities in students mental health and well-being since the COVID outbreak closed schools. (GettyImages/Roberto Westbrook)
(Youth Truth)
(Youth Truth)
In shifting plans back to online learnig, districts should set a consistent schedule that includes synchronous instruction and implement curriculum that connects to and affirms students’ racial and cultural identities. (GettyImages/valentinrussanov)
With Philadelphia schools sticking with full online learning, the PHLConnectED equity initiative will provide broadband internet, devices and digital skills training to low-income families.
In the future world of work, students will need both technical expertise and the ability to learn new skills and adapt to the "gig economy." (GettyImages/Omar Osman)
In East Saint Louis School District, allowing students to have a voice in their daily lives is another way to improve social-emotional health.
Administrators recruiting for free coding camps in Maryland intentionally selected students from underrepresented backgrounds and children living in poverty to participate.(GettyImages/kate_sept2004)
Hip-hop pedagogy is an effective teaching approach because it transcends class, culture, and gender, and can be a catalyst for positive changes, an education professor says (GettyImages/caesargfx)