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Matt Zalaznick

Superintendent Donald E. Fennoy II of The School District of Palm Beach County urged other black leaders and parents to open up about racism and the anxiety and fear they've endured.
Administrators this fall must be ready to respond to scenarios, such as closing a school if there a positive COVID-19 diagnosis, adjusting the school calendar to accommodate social distancing, and ensuring all students have access to technology.(
Educators in District of Columbia Public Schools have launched the first-of-its-kind DCPS Persists program to pair graduates with coaches to counsel the students throughout college.
Teachers, even in schools that have closed for the year, are reaching out to students to discuss the protests over George Floyd's death and issues of racism and social justice. (Alex Radelich/Unsplash)
Ithaca City School District Superintendent Luvelle Brown, shown here high-fiving a student before the pandemic, says reopening schools offers an opportunity to change policies that have marginalized students of color.
High school engineering and design teacher Nick Low says teachers have to step outside their comfort zones to innovate during online learning.
District leaders contending with teacher shortages have considered higher pay for teachers in STEM, special education and other specliazed subjects. (
A Gwinnett County Public Schools bus driver who deliver meals while classrooms were closed shows off thank you cards she received from students.
Educators at Stockon USD in California distributed 25,000 Chromebooks when schools closed in March.
Superintendents and other district leaders can implement strategies to save some funds this school year to meet increased costs for 2020-21.
School closures could widen the range of skills mastered by students in a typical fifth-grade classroom.
Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Alberto Carvalho, shown here handing out meals to students, has an aggressive plan to close achievement gaps caused by the coronavirus.
The Texas Education Education Agency has released guidelines for safely reopening school buildings for summer school, including placing desks six feet apart, checking students' temperatures daily and having students gather outside whenever possible. ( Termmee)