Improving student transportation: 3 takeaways from the new school year

Alternative vehicles allow districts to support student success by providing a way to achieve better attendance.

‘Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus?’ Soon, they’ll be electric

The Biden-Harris Administration announced that nearly $1 billion will go toward cleaner and safer vehicles, with the goal of "not only saving our children but, for them, the planet."

It’s exhausting: Add burgling bus parts to the issues facing K-12 districts

More than 27 converters were stolen from one district's school buses, disrupting operations for two straight days.

4 reasons these are the hardest school positions to staff right now

Special education teachers and transportation staff accounted for the most concerning school staff shortages, a survey finds.

Apparently, $35 an hour isn’t enough to retain bus drivers

Several districts report having extreme difficulty in maintaining a full bus driver roster on the first week of school.

5 reasons district leaders should expand transportation options

Alternative transportation can help to better support underserved populations, such as students with special needs or those who are homeless.

3 ways districts can successfully address bus driver shortages and rising fuel prices

Faced with shockingly high gas prices and bus driver shortages, school districts across the U.S. are making efforts to maintain steady and efficient bus operations.

$500 million worth of help coming for cleaner schools and buses

Building Better School Infrastructure grants will support energy- and cost-saving redesigns and help districts transition to electric school buses.

7 new ways to stem a rash of new school attendance problems

Transportation challenges, student health, school climate, mobility and poverty—long the leading causes of chronic absenteeism—also became much more severe during the pandemic.

One way to ease the substitute teacher shortage with staff you already have

The lightbulb went on when the wife of a Fayette County Public Schools bus driver was overheard saying her husband had long aspired to become a substitute teacher.

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