Reimagining transportation: 3 ways to conquer chronic absenteeism

While potential solutions to the absenteeism crisis are varying and complex, perhaps the most basic is optimizing the way we get kids to and from school.

TGIF Timesaver: More buses are going green; team teaching endorsed

New this week: Uvalde families of victims agreed on a $2 million settlement with the city, districts are getting major bus upgrades and team-based teaching might be the solution to shortages.

Bus staffing and routing problems leave districts scrambling for solutions

North Carolina's Durham Public Schools was closed on Monday due to a lack of available drivers. Another district is potentially cutting routes dramatically to compensate for staff shortages.

Safe trips: Why more schools are hiring transportation monitors

Their role goes beyond simply being an extra pair of eyes—they can be instrumental in creating a controlled, safe, and peaceful environment for the nation’s most vulnerable students.

See which districts will share $1 billion in new clean school bus funding

Thousands of new clean, green and electric buses will soon be carrying kids to school thanks to a $1 billion boost in funding from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

What K12 leaders can do to recruit the new generation of bus drivers

The good news for most school districts is that real progress can be made in hiring Generation Z and Millennials drivers with various employment options while retaining valuable, experienced transportation employees.

Why it’s time to ‘electrify’ school bus transportation

"The school bus industry is changing," says one expert. "We are going to go through the largest transformation the industry has ever seen in its 100-plus years of existence. And that's because electric is here, and it's not going away."

How 3 districts are handling a ‘transportation crisis’ in their first weeks of school

Marty Pollio, superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky, said he had to make the most difficult decision of his career: cancel the second and third days of school to solve issues involving their bus routes.

What will it take for schools to have a full fleet of bus drivers again?

In some districts, the bus driver shortage is "worse than ever," but why? From retirements to a lack of funding, administrators are in over their heads looking for a solution to this crisis.

Be boring: How to avoid the chaos caused by bus driver shortages

Boring equates to everything running on time and being fully resourced with no major disruptions. But staffing issues and other constraints frequently create conditions that are the total opposite.

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