3 ways to get even more done when managing K12 facilities

School facility upgrades can close about 10% of the achievement gap between high- and low-wealth school districts, while also increasing property values for the surrounding communities.

Emergency planning: 9 tough questions you need to answer

Leaders are therefore tasked not only with preparing for the unthinkable—they must also be ready to address parents’ fears and answer their valid questions regarding emergency preparedness planning.

Why visible leadership is so important in K12 education

Being a visible leader is significant in fostering trust, driving innovation, enhancing communication, nurturing collaboration, and ultimately, shaping the future of our schools and students.

How special education directors can build the best teams

Special education directors must prioritize hiring individuals with the necessary skills and experience, as well as those who share a commitment to serving students with disabilities.

Preparing teachers in community colleges makes sense—and cents

Community and technical colleges have helped shorten the time to obtain a degree for hundreds of thousands of secondary school students. The importance of these programs in terms of time to degree for the possibility of preparing baccalaureate degree teachers is paramount.

To get the most out of summer reading, keep it on the calendar all year

Planning for summer reading right off the bat establishes it as something that happens consistently every year, rather than a one-off project for the coming summer.

New legislation makes educators and students in 2 states feel safer on campus

Alyssa’s Law requires public elementary and secondary schools to be equipped with “silent panic alarms directly linked to law enforcement.”

4 ways online learning has broadened global education

If we can’t offer a science or economics course that a student wants to take during a particular year, we turn to our online learning partner to help fill that educational gap.

Students’ good grades tilt IEP lawsuit in favor of district

School Law Briefings is your guide to legally significant K12 news, including recaps of precedential court rulings, regulatory updates and agency guidance. In this edition, the Third Circuit finds a Pennsylvania district provided FAPE for a student with ADHD, New Jersey teachers lose an age discrimination case, and Title IX gives Connecticut athletes power to sue over a transgender competition.

Go beyond career-ready: Get ​​career active

K12's new approach to college and career readiness must be grounded in the three ‘ships’: mentorship, internship, and apprenticeship.

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