How school safety and security improves student behavior and outcomes

How can we expect our students, educators, and staff to focus on learning and teaching when violence occurs daily in our schools?

School communications: 5 ways strategic outreach reduces absenteeism

At the micro level, school communications are about sharing information, but at the macro level, they’re about building relationships.

Educators are on the frontlines for school emergencies and they need help

From active shooter emergencies to extreme weather events, the need for advanced school safety technology has never been greater and the stakes have never been higher.

How to ensure a brighter future: Prepare and empower our youth now

Career and self-exploration should begin as early as middle school when kids are less stressed and more curious about their future.

Why reading strategy instruction belongs in every content area classroom

History, biology and other teachers need to teach their content and build knowledge AND teach reading strategies, opening students up to learn additional content from texts beyond what they learn from classroom lectures and hands-on experiences.

3 easy and inclusive ways to develop self-guided reading habits

Challenges that build community momentum, offer differentiated options, and reward success are key to encouraging independent reading.

Gender disparity: New moms need the flexibility new dads in K12 leadership get

The most innovative and most equitable districts on gender disparity are creating policies offer adequate childcare, allow for more flexible work hours, foster a family-first culture and explicitly provide mentoring and networking.

How to support teachers who are adopting the science of reading

As an academic coach, I’ve been working with teachers in Suwanee County School District for years to deliver foundational literacy instruction—and the science of reading is simply the best research available into how students learn to read.

Why empathy is such an important tool for keeping families engaged

Empathy allowed a rural school district to improve communication by focusing on what families want and the challenges they face in receiving messages.

Our new normal demands a rethinking of the time, place, and means of K12 learning

Our K12 education system has been like a footprint hardened in concrete: durable and lasting but resistant to change despite prolonged exposure to nature’s elements.

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