4 ways we can get more precise in reversing student learning loss

Now is the time for district and school leaders to revisit the levers of people, time and intervention in addressing learning loss.

8 ways school leaders can develop more effective PLCs for teachers

Effective PLCs need disciplined, nurturing leaders to align priorities and set the pace for results-driven instruction. Here's a list of tips for education leaders as they build and refine PLCs.

3 helpful tips for district leaders to improve the power of digital assessment

With a few simple shifts that reduce stress and barriers, digital assessment can become representative of students’ knowledge, not their ability to use technology.

5 reasons we should add coding as another language in ELA

Students are ready to begin learning about coding at the same time they are ready to begin learning to read and write any other language.

3 ways teachers can make the most of data to boost math skills

Combining day-to-day math practice and cumulative assessment allows teachers to be more effective—and efficient.

How artificial intelligence helps me provide more coaching for teachers

You probably share this initial skepticism: “What? Teachers talking to computers for instructional coaching?!” Find out why one instructional coach changed her mind about using AI to better support educators.

Content filtering: Why it is not enough to secure our nation’s schools

The education sector is a rich target for cybercriminals. Here's how to secure our K-12 networks from the sharp increase in cyberattacks today.

3 ways to elevate more women to the superintendent’s post

Women make up 76% of teachers in K-12 school settings but just a small percentage holds the most senior role in a district—the superintendent's position.

Why holding back students based on reading proficiency does not help

More students are about to be punished simply because they haven’t had appropriate reading instruction.

5 ways school leaders can break down silos to get more students in STEM

Does your school or district teach STEM—or are science, technology, engineering, and math taught as four separate and distinct subjects?

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