Special education

3 ways to improve postsecondary planning for special education students

When we highlight transition skills with our special education students, we build and deepen the connections between “what we do today” and “how it will impact us in the future.”

School boarding meetings: How much time is devoted STEM?

In some states, nearly half of district school boards prioritized STEM/STEAM-related topics, new Burbio data suggests.

Even if you don’t have kids, special education still impacts you

In the world of special education, each case is like a microcosm of how the problem is playing out across the country. Every party is unhappy and frustrated with the situation.

How to find inclusive edtech for neurodiverse students

The goal of inclusive learning is not to create separate solutions for neurodiverse and neurotypical learners but to develop solutions that can foster richer learning experiences for everyone.

Revolutionizing special education: New partnership innovates data collection

For K12 superintendents and educational leaders, staying abreast of technological advancements is particularly important when it comes to addressing the unique needs of special education programs.

How special education directors can build the best teams

Special education directors must prioritize hiring individuals with the necessary skills and experience, as well as those who share a commitment to serving students with disabilities.

Safe trips: Why more schools are hiring transportation monitors

Their role goes beyond simply being an extra pair of eyes—they can be instrumental in creating a controlled, safe, and peaceful environment for the nation’s most vulnerable students.

5 ways to support and elevate your special education teachers

Special education teachers and coordinators are pulled in a million directions, often doing the jobs of three people, working long hours and battling burnout.

IDEA guidance: How districts can strengthen their special education programs

Special education programs must have benchmarks and processes that allow districts to measure and adjust interventions for each student.

What’s in store for special education and edtech? Leaders weigh in

In this panel, FETC Conference Chair Jennifer Womble is joined by several superintendents and experts who share their advice for district leaders on how to address the growing concerns surrounding special education and how to leverage assistive technology to meet students' needs.

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