College and career readiness

Why social studies instruction may not be coming to the rescue

Those hoping that more rigorous social studies instruction in K12 will heal some of the nation's political divisions may be discouraged by what researchers have found in U.S. elementary schools.

Here are 7 education changes lawmakers promise for 2023

"With the promise of prosperity on the horizon, there is nothing more crucial to our individual success than education," said Virgin Islands Gov. Albert Bryan.

How to ensure a brighter future: Prepare and empower our youth now

Career and self-exploration should begin as early as middle school when kids are less stressed and more curious about their future.

Why AI education will soon become an integral part of K12 education

School districts, colleges and universities across the country have entered a partnership to promote and expand AI education for all students, an area that's "exploded" since the emergence of tools like ChatGPT.

How unexpectedly high K12 enrollment losses will be felt across education

About 833,000 fewer students enrolled in public schools in fall 2021 than had been predicted, with the most surprising drops occurring in middle school, according to the latest data, foretelling a drop in the number of high school graduates and, subsequently, college freshmen.

These are 7 of the most disruptive forces in education

Sora Schools' "Trends in Education" report for 2023 homes in on the biggest changes affecting districts across the country, among them advancements in artificial intelligence and learning through gaming.

Superintendents spotlight: What it means to stay focused on the whole student

Committing to the whole student is how K12 schools can and will remain the key to democracy in America, Superintendent Trent North says. "When our students graduate, they must not only be academically sound, but we must ensure they are socially and emotionally ready to leave their impact on the world."

Does your school need an app? Have your students create one

Districts around the world are utilizing the program to have students create a working app—no coding experience necessary—for everything from lunch schedules to newsletters, which schools can utilize in their day-to-day operations.

Leadership series: Six-figure teacher salaries? Yes, in this superintendent’s district

When Superintendent Scott Muri took the helm at Ector County ISD in 2019, it had an 18% teacher vacancy rate and was one of the lowest-performing districts in the state. Now, its teachers can make up to $100,000 a year.

Why preparing students for a career in cybersecurity is a wise choice

A recent survey indicates that the profession is significantly less likely to receive job cuts during economic uncertainty compared to other industries.

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