College and career readiness

How to get more out of grades and test scores to help high school graduates

K12 guidance counselors and college admissions officers are urged to consider the levels of school, neighborhood and family resources available to students.

Here’s why Gen Z students are less optimistic about their postsecondary opportunities

Affordability is one of the primary reasons middle and high school students simply can't see themselves enrolling in college. Here's what leaders need to know.

7 quick tips: Helping the class of 2023 find alternatives to college

More than half of the graduating class of 2023 is opting out of the traditional four-year college education, according to a survey released Tuesday. While these numbers are no cause for alarm, leaders should be concerned that nearly one-third of the graduates were not aware of the career and technical education programs that would have given them alternative paths.

Iterative learning: Why our schools need to abandon compliance

Educators must adopt an approach that frees students to try, fail and learn from that failure, tweak what they’re doing and try again. This will empower students to learn and relearn for the rest of their lives.

“We are failing older students.” Are high schoolers running out of time?

The 2023 “State of the American Student" contains reports from district and other experts on new approaches that "center instruction and support on what students need most."

Nontraditional outcomes: Why schools are measuring 4 new types of student success

A loose coalition of 250 school leaders is experimenting with deeper learning, social-emotional skills, self-direction and career readiness as they and their teams seek new ways to equip students for success after high school graduation.

These are 2023-24’s best high schools for 3 reasons

U.S. News' analysis of nearly 18,000 public schools across the country ranks schools based on college preparedness, student achievement and STEM education.

Biden administration: How to ensure diversity despite SCOTUS’ affirmative action ruling

"We cannot afford that kind of backsliding on a national scale," U.S. Education Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona said during a press call outlining tips for colleges and K12 schools on how to work together to ensure a diverse student body.

Head scratcher? Florida blocks AP Psychology over LGBTQ+ content

State education officials have told superintendents that college-level AP Psychology can only be taught if content covering sexual orientation and gender identity is excluded. 

‘Secret sauce’: Top-notch administrators keep this superintendent’s stress levels at bay

What makes Ysleta ISD unique? Superintendent Xavier De La Torre allows his cabinet members to communicate directly with school board members on the full range of issues.

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