College and career readiness

Buzzword watch: ‘Durable skills’ are the new soft skills

Soft skills nudged the phrase 21st century skills out of the K12 lexicon and now it's being replaced by this latest college-and-career-oriented buzzword: Durable skills.

Go beyond career-ready: Get ​​career active

K12's new approach to college and career readiness must be grounded in the three ‘ships’: mentorship, internship, and apprenticeship.

Video Q&A: How one superintendent launches students into better lives

In this video Q&A, Wisconsin Superintendent of the Year Mark Hansen covers his priorities: career-based learning, community engagement and early-college.

Non-degree pathways: Students and parents want to know more

Education leaders are encouraged to cover college and career options more comprehensively in middle school and offer more opportunities for parents to learn about post-graduation alternatives.

In-demand careers: Gender bias in K12 schools may be perpetuating a lack of exposure for students

Students have the natural talent to fill the nation’s most in-demand careers in healthcare, manufacturing, technology and finance. Education leaders may, however, be concerned that not enough students are being exposed to these fields, according to YouScience's 2024 State of the Future U.S. Workforce report.

What will drive more urgency around career prep in 2024?

Pressures on the wider U.S. workforce caused by a lack of workers with the requisite skills will drive more collaboration between K12 schools and employers.

Our seniors are training for healthcare jobs. That might also lead to college

Essential elements to replicate this model in other districts: Workforce development partner, great training, a dedicated manager, and an in-demand field with upward mobility.

Do colleges consider legacy status in admissions? Here’s what the data says

The Supreme Court's dismantling of affirmative action earlier this year sent chills down the spines of higher education and K12 leaders alike over fears that students won't have equal access to college. New data from the U.S. Department of Education reveals just how widespread the practice was.

Don’t know about market value assets? Let this superintendent explain

They have everything to do with closed swimming pools and, more importantly, putting students on track for successful futures in college and the workforce, Superintendent Michelle Hubbard says.

Rankings: Virginia has the highest high school graduation rates in the country

Across the country, the average graduation rate was about 79% for the 2021-22 school year, according to data released last week by U.S. News. How does your state measure up?

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