Online learning

Online tutoring: 5 ways it will help more students

In a world where the cost of education goes up every year, our online tutoring partner gives us yet one more way to reduce overall operating costs while expanding educational opportunities.

Navigating learning loss: How to help parents support education at home

Students across the country are still struggling. This makes it all the more essential for parents to play an important, active role in their child's academic journey.

Global K12 education market is charging out of the pandemic in a big way

The global K12 education market will generate $525.7 billion in revenue by 2031, with North America the most lucrative region due to "massive spending" on edtech, the latest report from Research Dive finds.

4 reasons why we provide online tutoring in Virginia Beach city schools

A reliable, effective online tutoring program helps us cater to a wide range of student needs and capabilities during the day and after school.

Just how big is the K12 online tutoring market going to get?

The ever-increasing focus on STEM and the use of mobile devices for learning will drive significant growth in the online tutoring market over the next five years—by an estimated $97.7 billion.

How online instruction can help solve local teacher shortages

Online instruction is a way to utilize valuable, experienced teachers who have retired from classroom teaching, but still want to be connected to education

Post-pandemic positivity: Student self-reliance and teacher appreciation are up

The negative impacts of the pandemic on education are numerous and exhausting but here's a surprise for superintendents and their teams: teacher appreciation did not suffer.

5 ways ChatGPT will drive deeper learning instead of more cheating

School AI technology should allow educators to reach new heights with project-based learning, personalized instruction, and other innovative K12 concepts.

Is student monitoring software the best solution for child safety?

With a shortage of school counselors and incidents of self-harm and violence toward others surging this past year, districts are turning toward online monitoring services that can help administrators stay ahead of the curve.

The best colleges for seniors seeking online programs

Beyond simply wanting the flexibility to earn college credits from home, students feel that online programs meet their personal needs better than traditional face-to-face instruction, especially at the height of the pandemic.

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