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A Nebraska superintendent with a troubled past now faces a new assault charge

Brian T. Redinger allegedly threatened a "patron" on Stapleton Public Schools property earlier this year. The incident, however, was not his first serious brush with the law while serving as a superintendent, local reports say.

Ousted superintendent lands on his feet and 2 historic hires

A South Carolina superintendent who left his post with a high-profile payout after clashing with his school board has landed in the nonprofit world.

Inexperience: The one reason for superintendent turnover no one is talking about

In 2019, the superintendency was changed for good. The profession is now a multifaceted and complex job that no one could have anticipated, and it requires intense training and preparation, one expert says.

Only 25% of superintendents are women, but they do earn more than men in that position

For the sixth time in 11 years of collecting such data, the median salary of female superintendents slightly surpassed that of their male counterparts at $146,031.

More superintendents step down: “I cannot continue working for this board of education”

A rising star in Massachusetts joined the list of the recently ousted superintendents during yet another week of continued conflict between K12 leaders and boards of education, mayors and other officials.

How this superintendent is driving the local economy to help his district thrive

"I have made it my personal mission to maximize our district resources and seek to grow our tax base for the future," says Jason Snodgrass of his efforts to help his community thrive.

A historic hire, a forcible exit and 2 more fired superintendents

Two more school boards in the Deep South fired superintendents last week, but not without a measure of controversy and community pushback. In New Jersey, a district leader was escorted out of his central office.

Superintendents’ love-hate relationship with social media: How to navigate it

“If you’re not utilizing social media to communicate to your parents or your audience, then you’re missing the boat in 2023,” says one superintendent, asserting that the rewards of doing so far outweigh the problems.

Leadership series: This superintendent had less than six months to craft a strategic plan—mission accomplished

"Who was I to think that I could tell them what they needed or wanted in their own community?" says Dr. Margaret Crespo, superintendent of Laramie County School District-1 in Wyoming. Using this mindset, she now has a living, adaptable strategic plan.

Superintendents spotlight: What it means to stay focused on the whole student

Committing to the whole student is how K12 schools can and will remain the key to democracy in America, Superintendent Trent North says. "When our students graduate, they must not only be academically sound, but we must ensure they are socially and emotionally ready to leave their impact on the world."

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