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Why “Be Where Your Feet Are” is this distinguished principal’s motto

Principal Karissa Lang is focused on boosting teacher and staff morale, and reducing burnout by helping maintain a work-life balance.

This superintendent sees trust in K12 eroding. Here is how he’s responding

Educators are parents, too. That's a fact that Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD Superintendent Jim Chadwell would like more Americans to recognize as he and other K12 leaders grapple with growing pushback against public schools.

How this superintendent helps her community ‘live our vision’ through 6 strategic goals

Superintendent Rosanna Mucetti believes that the core of leadership is commitment, staying curious, asking lots of questions and an openness to continuous improvement.

Superintendent’s Playbook: Why school safety as a shared responsibility works in this district

In March of 2022, a 15-year-old Eisenhower High School student shot and killed his cousin in the northeast corner of the parking lot after school. During the incident, miscommunication from security led the other students even closer to the active shooting. It was then clear to this leader that they needed a unified approach to safety.

How 2023’s distinguished principals stand out for serving students

37 middle and elementary school leaders made NAESP's 2023 National Distinguished Principals list for driving academic growth during years of disruption, diversifying their staff and improving outreach to non-English speaking families.

Leadership shifts: School board-superintendent clashes lead to more change

Moreno Valley Unified School District dismisses leader in wake of $27 million settlement with the family of a boy who died in a middle school fight.

9 podcasts prove this superintendent is a lifelong learner and great communicator

"We highlight the people and stories that make the district great," Superintendent Travis Bracht says. "We have covered everything from students telling us about what they enjoyed the first week of school to a conversation about artificial intelligence with our technology director."

Why this superintendent calls himself an ‘edu-tainer’ in K12 communications

Superintendent John B. Gordon III leads Suffolk Public Schools in telling a positive story about students and staff in the face of political antagonism and racism, deploying social media—Facebook and Instagram, in particular—to keep the community informed and engaged in Suffolk Public Schools' achievements and activities.

Leadership shifts: 4 superintendents split with districts as others head for retirement

Superintendents for Hamilton Southeastern Schools and St. Louis Park Public Schools resigned suddenly as an Arizona school board voted its leader out after getting sued by the state.

One-on-one video podcasts help this superintendent connect with kids

Lewis Brooks, leader Shelby County Schools, makes it a priority to regularly highlight his students' and staff members' "interests and exceptional accomplishments."

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