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CTE surge: Sixth grade is never too early for welding!

Michigan's Orchard View Pubic Schools is boosting engagement by sending sixth-graders to a local career tech center to begin exploring—and experiencing—a wide range of potential careers. 

9 ways state tests could be more useful to teachers

Additionally, researchers from FutureEd argue a two-tiered approach to state testing could work. Here's what that looks like.

How to steer students toward “skilled-collar” career opportunities

Roles in fields such as wind energy, robotics, hybrid and EV repair and welding are expanding career choices beyond white- or blue-collar to include a new breed, the "skilled-collar."

School boarding meetings: How much time is devoted STEM?

In some states, nearly half of district school boards prioritized STEM/STEAM-related topics, new Burbio data suggests.

How to close learning gaps with a new assessment culture

Imagine a world where a young child’s comprehension of a text written by Dr. Seuss could predict whether they will graduate from high school more than a decade later. This may sound as nonsensical as a plot from Dr. Seuss himself, but it’s not a work of fiction.

6 ways a tech-driven approach will boost literacy rates

In education, we talk a lot about achievement gaps, but especially since COVID we’ve also seen instructional gaps—and literacy has been impacted.

School boards: The four keywords that keep coming up in the biggest districts

Do school boards share the priorities of their district's superintendents? Do they share the same priorities across the country? Burbio has been providing regular updates on the hot-button topics that are priorities at meetings right now.

6 ways to reimagine math that will spark curiosity

In this fast-paced and technologically advanced world, math teachers only have a few minutes to capture students’ attention and engage their curiosity.

Practical Strategies to Support Newcomer Students

Date & Time: Thursday, June 6th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, two bilingual education experts will outline some practical, evidence-based strategies for building inclusive, supportive learning environments to ensure the academic and social success of newcomer students—those born outside the U.S. and who have recently arrived in the country.

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: Fixing shortages and academics at the same time

Recruiting more aspiring educators of color will not only fill teacher vacancies but also propel student achievement and improve school climate, says this week's podcast guest, Javaid Siddiqi, the president and CEO of The Hunt Institute.

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