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7 quick tips: Helping the class of 2023 find alternatives to college

More than half of the graduating class of 2023 is opting out of the traditional four-year college education, according to a survey released Tuesday. While these numbers are no cause for alarm, leaders should be concerned that nearly one-third of the graduates were not aware of the career and technical education programs that would have given them alternative paths.

5 charts to help us visualize the state of public education right now

One in five teachers in states without restrictions on race- and gender-related topics reported narrowing their instructional choices. And all educators remain divided over carrying guns in school.

How Township High School District 214 is embedding entrepreneurship

It’s true what they say: a traditional four-year college education isn’t for everyone. But virtually every kid who walks the hallways of Township High School District 214’s six schools will get a job at some point in their lives.

3 ways to design virtual learning experiences that boost math scores

Most teachers understand that math learning recovery depends on data-informed, student-centered instruction. But without the right technology, it’s a methodology that’s difficult to deliver.

Navigating learning loss: How to help parents support education at home

Students across the country are still struggling. This makes it all the more essential for parents to play an important, active role in their child's academic journey.

Being shelf-less: How digital reading and listening boost literacy

Reading apps allow educators to drop entire libraries into students' hands, inviting them to read in print, on their phones while traveling, and through their headphones when being active.

Nontraditional outcomes: Why schools are measuring 4 new types of student success

A loose coalition of 250 school leaders is experimenting with deeper learning, social-emotional skills, self-direction and career readiness as they and their teams seek new ways to equip students for success after high school graduation.

7 questions with a superintendent who is prepping for a population boom

"We’re excited and maybe a little bit nervous," Hardin County Schools Superintendent Teresa Morgan says as she and her team get ready to make room for an influx of 24,000 to 37,000 residents over the next decade.

How this Iowa district deployed AI to ban 19 books from its libraries

Mason City Community Schools removed the books from grade 7-12 libraries, with an administrator saying that the size of its collection was too large for staff to read every title.

These 5 edtech trends will help modernize your classrooms

Clever's new "Classroom of the Future Report" identifies the most dominant factors shaping K12 education. Let's take a look at what learning with technology looks like in 2023.

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