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Preparing teachers in community colleges makes sense—and cents

Community and technical colleges have helped shorten the time to obtain a degree for hundreds of thousands of secondary school students. The importance of these programs in terms of time to degree for the possibility of preparing baccalaureate degree teachers is paramount.

School boards are now spending more time on these 5 topics

Is your school board focused on the same topics that are of growing concern at their counterparts' meetings in other districts and states?

To get the most out of summer reading, keep it on the calendar all year

Planning for summer reading right off the bat establishes it as something that happens consistently every year, rather than a one-off project for the coming summer.

Buzzword watch: ‘Durable skills’ are the new soft skills

Soft skills nudged the phrase 21st century skills out of the K12 lexicon and now it's being replaced by this latest college-and-career-oriented buzzword: Durable skills.

Superintendent spotlight: Learning from CEOs and defending public education

"We have not yet arrived but we are certainly on our way," is how Superintendent Michael Daria describes, enthusiastically and honestly, the progress students are making at Tuscaloosa City Schools in Alabama.

Analysis: Big strides are being made toward universal pre-K

Ask a lot of superintendents—and we do—and they'll say that quality preschool experiences are key to most students' success in K12. Read on for some good news about early learning.

Report: Educators, focus on these 5 concepts to make testing fairer

Creators of standardized assessments tend to avoid cultural topics in their questions based on "fairness and colorblindness." That practice, however, may be making these sometimes high-stakes tests less fair for Black, Latino and other underrepresented students.

Non-degree pathways: Students and parents want to know more

Education leaders are encouraged to cover college and career options more comprehensively in middle school and offer more opportunities for parents to learn about post-graduation alternatives.

High-dosage tutoring is working. Here’s how to make it work better

A new analysis shares guidance on how leaders can best augment everyday classroom instruction with high-quality, high-dosage tutoring.

Don’t forget the reading in the ‘science of reading’

Teaching phonics is an important step toward improving literacy instruction, but students still need time to read authentic texts.

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