School boards: The four keywords that keep coming up in the biggest districts

Do school boards share the priorities of their district's superintendents? Do they share the same priorities across the country? Burbio has been providing regular updates on the hot-button topics that are priorities at meetings right now.

Not enough Black students are being exposed to STEM careers

A substantial number of Black students have the aptitude but not the access to in-demand STEM and CTE fields. This exposure gap is even wider for Black girls, a new report warns.

These pathways are launching high schools past a college-only mindset

When our high school used to offer a college tour, students and their parents signed up in droves. In contrast, when we offered an industry tour, the response was lukewarm at best.

Superintendent spotlight: Learning from CEOs and defending public education

"We have not yet arrived but we are certainly on our way," is how Superintendent Michael Daria describes, enthusiastically and honestly, the progress students are making at Tuscaloosa City Schools in Alabama.

Education in 2024: Partners break down 8 big trends

Collaboration will grow between K12 and the business community as academic growth is carefully assessed as AI drives the edtech evolution.

What will drive more urgency around career prep in 2024?

Pressures on the wider U.S. workforce caused by a lack of workers with the requisite skills will drive more collaboration between K12 schools and employers.

How one big state is steering students toward higher-paying careers

California's forthcoming Master Plan on Career Education will, among other steps, help incoming high school students begin exploring well-compensated careers—including professions that don't require college degrees. 

Why this principal strives to be a ‘great simplifier’

The key to improving student outcomes is helping educators find a comfortable place to start working toward big goals, says Danny Mendez, Indiana's Principal of the Year. "This is the one profession that helps create all the other professions. It's being a storyteller about our kids—who they are, what they need, what they want to be and what their dreams are."

How strategic plan goals vary in urban, rural and suburban school districts

See which strategic plan priorities are most prominent in rural school districts and which get more attention in urban and suburban systems.

6 key moves for leaders who want to accelerate career pathways

If you've built a career pathways program, you know it's a complex undertaking that requires outreach and collaboration with local business and organizations. If you're only in the preliminary phase, the good news is those who have developed successful initiatives have plenty of lessons to share.

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