Health and wellness

Staying sane: Leaders share the ways they de-stress and decompress

The student mental health crisis and high turnover in leadership have tilted the spotlight toward the wellness of K12 leaders. Superintendent Shane McCord, for one, finds his moments of self-care zen by spending time with his family, fishing and—surprisingly or not—doing yard work.

How inclusive physical education can instill a love for movement

When physical education is modified to be accessible and fun, all students can build the confidence, competence and motivation to see movement as part of a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

5 leaders share their uplifting secrets to self-care

Self-care for Superintendent Cary Holman means remembering his "why" as an educator. Wellness for Superintendent of Minerva Garcia-Sanchez is all about taking care of her employees.

How are two years of teaching restrictions impacting classrooms?

“Students do not feel comfortable asking honest questions and teachers do not feel comfortable about giving honest answers," one teacher told researchers examining curriculum restrictions.

Chaplains in public schools? What’s behind a new push

Lawmakers proposing the bills are pointing to counselor shortages but are not completely playing down the religious aspects of putting chaplains in schools.

How teachers can be even better allies during mental health crisis

Student leaders were asked: “What is one thing you want your teachers to know about your personal experience in school, online and with peers?” 

How to recruit—and retain—the next generation of school clinicians

Once considered a temporary or emergency solution, a growing number of school and district leaders are utilizing teletherapists to augment on-site staff.

No one talks about superintendent mental health. Leaders want that to change

In an era of high stress and turnover at the top, several leaders are sharing their strategies for remaining energized and in touch with the reasons they became educators.

1-on-1 coaching is the missing piece in student mental health

Students aren’t the only ones struggling. School staff face increased pressure to support the rising number of students in need of help—at a time when educators themselves are at a breaking point.

Student-school counselor ratios are improving. Is it enough?

There were about 385 students for every school counselor in the 2022-23 school year, a sizeable improvement from the previous year. Meanwhile, schools are still battling an ongoing mental health crisis.

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