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One more school district sues to put social media giants in their place

"Just as we had 'Big Tobacco' we now have 'Big Tech' exploiting children," said one attorney representing the San Mateo Board of Education. The 107-page lawsuit alleges that social media companies knowingly use AI and machine learning to deliver damaging content to students.

These are 7 of the most disruptive forces in education

Sora Schools' "Trends in Education" report for 2023 homes in on the biggest changes affecting districts across the country, among them advancements in artificial intelligence and learning through gaming.

Superintendents spotlight: What it means to stay focused on the whole student

Committing to the whole student is how K12 schools can and will remain the key to democracy in America, Superintendent Trent North says. "When our students graduate, they must not only be academically sound, but we must ensure they are socially and emotionally ready to leave their impact on the world."

Student mental health checks: Are your schools providing the right supports?

A panel of experts issues three calls to action around student mental health that include smarter tech use and “big tent” thinking by cooperative communities.

How mental health coaching is making a true difference in schools

The practice by faculty and staff provides real-time feedback along with evidence-based interventions and strategies to support students.

Voice of the superintendent: Feeling more optimistic—except for one big fear

Despite a brighter outlook after three years of turbulence, superintendents are extremely concerned about staffing issues: "We're in a better place, but teacher shortages could stall progress."

Leadership series: Six-figure teacher salaries? Yes, in this superintendent’s district

When Superintendent Scott Muri took the helm at Ector County ISD in 2019, it had an 18% teacher vacancy rate and was one of the lowest-performing districts in the state. Now, its teachers can make up to $100,000 a year.

Superintendent quits after his gun is found by a third-grader at school

Rising Star ISD Superintendent Robby Stuteville admitted to leaving the gun behind after he used a restroom in the Texas district's elementary school.

School district leaders can’t address behavior, so they want out

Nearly half of superintendents say they're likely to leave their job within three years due to pandemic-related stressors, such as a lack of funding and staffing to address mental health and behavior.

3 big shifts that can help you restore your teachers’ morale

While 66% of leaders say salary was key for teacher morale, 69% think reimagining classrooms and instruction is also essential, according to a new survey from learning company D2L and District Administration.

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