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How to turn student mental health data into meaningful action

Online data can help you understand which students need mental health support––if you know what to look for.

2 big reasons teachers say they lag in workforce

From a teacher's point of view, workers in many comparable careers are more well-off—and have been for several years. And female teachers and teachers of color report more concerns than other educators. 

Warning: Is social media now as bad as smoking?

Surgeon general contends that social media companies should be forced to publicize any data they've collected on their platform's health effects.

Mental health helpers: How to stay connected with families in 2024

The CEO of a mental health nonprofit shares her tips on how to build a school community that embraces families and all other “helpers.”

Anti-LGBTQ+ policies are now taking a bigger toll on young people

The record number of anti-LGTBQ policies enacted in the past year have become so disruptive that young people and their families are considering leave their homes, a new study warns. 

Mental Health Awareness Month: Recognizing how stress and anxiety impact students and educators

Mental Health Awareness Month provides an opportunity for all of us to acknowledge mental health struggles and successes and share resources to support living healthier, more balanced lives.

School boards: The four keywords that keep coming up in the biggest districts

Do school boards share the priorities of their district's superintendents? Do they share the same priorities across the country? Burbio has been providing regular updates on the hot-button topics that are priorities at meetings right now.

Staying sane: Leaders share the ways they de-stress and decompress

The student mental health crisis and high turnover in leadership have tilted the spotlight toward the wellness of K12 leaders. Superintendent Shane McCord, for one, finds his moments of self-care zen by spending time with his family, fishing and—surprisingly or not—doing yard work.

How inclusive physical education can instill a love for movement

When physical education is modified to be accessible and fun, all students can build the confidence, competence and motivation to see movement as part of a healthy and joyful lifestyle.

5 leaders share their uplifting secrets to self-care

Self-care for Superintendent Cary Holman means remembering his "why" as an educator. Wellness for Superintendent of Minerva Garcia-Sanchez is all about taking care of her employees.

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