Student Success

As 2023 nears, let’s look at how students are performing

"This is a great moment for school leaders to look for opportunities to give classroom teachers the flexibility they need to serve students with varying degrees of proficiency, like flexible schedules and adding staff that can support dynamic student grouping," said Chase Nordengren, principal research lead for Effective Instructional Strategies at NWEA.

3 big numbers show that leaders who serve students of color receive fewer funds

If your district serves a large number of students of color, it's likely receiving thousands of dollars less in funding per student than predominantly white school systems, a new report from The Education Trust reveals. 

These are the top 10 education stories of 2022

Salaries, school safety and security, and—way back at the beginning—COVID were top of mind for district leaders clicking on DA Daily.

Leadership Series: She’s the go-to principal for school turnaround

After taking the helm at Allenbrook Elementary School in 2020, she quickly turned the school from a below F level to nearly a B, making it the number one growing elementary school in the district.

Are your students interested in cybersecurity? Look to these colleges

Based on criteria such as hands-on program training, privacy and ethics, and government and national security, Carnegie Mellon University, DePaul University and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University rank among the top three.

College counseling: This list of the 100 best college towns could sway students

Don't underestimate the rankings of best college towns as you help high school seniors explore academic programs, luxurious dorms and extracurricular activities in their college decisions.

You’ll be inspired by this school’s mental health first aid ‘first responders’

Students at Wayne Valley High School are getting mental health first aid from classmates who have been trained to spot danger signs of anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and other mental crises.

These states continue to top the list for high school graduation rates

The last time high school graduation rates were collected, the U.S. received a tremendous pat on the back for achieving its highest percentage since data analysis on the topic began. But which individual states produce the most high school graduates?

How are principals responding to political interference? Not so well

A survey conducted by the Institute for Democracy, Education and Access at the University of California Los Angeles and the Civic Engagement Research Group at the University of California Riverside showcases the concerns of nearly 700 high school principals surrounding political interference in schools.

Why many high school graduates don’t feel ready for college and career decisions

Industry leaders say the No. 1 challenge is a shrinking talent pool but making college and career decisions troubles many high school grads.

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