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Do you know where students have the shortest school day?

Students in other states may not have as long a school day as yours do. On the other hand, they may be getting even more instructional time, according to a new analysis.

How one state is taking on the ‘forced outing’ of transgender students

Chino Valley Unified School District requires schools to notify parents if a child asks to use a name or pronoun that's different from what's on their birth certificate or official records. The state's attorney general, Rob Bonta, is suing the southern California district, saying the mandates violate the privacy and civil rights of LGBTQ+ students.

How this Iowa district deployed AI to ban 19 books from its libraries

Mason City Community Schools removed the books from grade 7-12 libraries, with an administrator saying that the size of its collection was too large for staff to read every title.

Advocates are fighting move to block ‘sexually relevant’ books in Texas schools

A new law will require books and other materials to be rated and reviewed by vendors for sexual content before they can be sold to school libraries. Texas lawmakers warned A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Of Mice and Men, The Canterbury Tales, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the Bible and other classic works of literature could be restricted.

Superintendents are stressed out. Here is the No. 1 reason

Turnover has risen from around 14% to 17% since the beginning of the pandemic and neither test scores nor safety appear to be among the top five reasons for K12 leaders' growing anxiety.

Investigations force 2 more superintendents out as leadership posts are filled

Leaders in Idaho and Indiana are leaving their posts during district investigations into matters that have not been disclosed to either the public or, in one case, to the superintendent himself.

Backlash against restorative discipline is growing as behavior breaks down

Leaders in district after district, sometimes with prodding from state legislators, are now rolling back more lenient restorative discipline policies and relying again on suspensions and other measures to address disruptive behavior. 

Your students’ parents may have conflicting views on K12 LGBTQ policies

When it comes to K12 LGBTQ policies in schools, parents and other adults prefer classroom discussions about the LGBTQ community to using students' preferred pronouns.

Coalition of principals to Congress: ‘Here’s how to help prevent school shootings’

The Principal Recovery Network of building leaders who have experienced school shootings is pressing for several billion dollars worth of mental health and safety support for staff and students.

Do school districts stand a chance suing social media giants?

More and more school districts are joining the legal battle against social media companies to protect students' mental health. But this expert says he's not very optimistic.

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