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Supreme Court clears way for elite high school’s race-neutral policy

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology's policy is allowed to stand by same Supreme Court that found affirmative action unconstitutional last year.

Students’ good grades tilt IEP lawsuit in favor of district

School Law Briefings is your guide to legally significant K12 news, including recaps of precedential court rulings, regulatory updates and agency guidance. In this edition, the Third Circuit finds a Pennsylvania district provided FAPE for a student with ADHD, New Jersey teachers lose an age discrimination case, and Title IX gives Connecticut athletes power to sue over a transgender competition.

Black students are most common targets as school hate crimes double

Schools trailed only homes and roads as the most common locations for reported hate crimes over a five-year period that includes the pandemic, according to an FBI study that also looked at the ethnicity and religion of the victims.

How one fearless superintendent is elevating education outside her district

Superintendent Kimberly Rizzo Saunders is not sitting idly by while New Hampshire remains at the bottom of the list for per-pupil funding. 

More inclusive schools: Debunking 4 myths about transgender kids

Administrators can create a school where all students, including transgender children, feel safe, respected and empowered to flourish. Embracing diversity enriches our school communities and prepares students to be compassionate, understanding individuals.

Leaders take heed: Demand for school choice is surging, survey shows

Some districts have embraced school choice and some see it as an existential threat. Either way, parents' interest in switching schools is growing substantially, according to a new National School Choice Awareness Foundation survey.

IDEA doesn’t require a district to cover accommodations for postsecondary program

IDEA does not apply to postsecondary education and so, if a student with a disability attends a college program on a college campus, they are beyond the IDEA’s domain.

State lawmakers zero in on education policies in 2024

From school vouchers to funding, we've identified some of the most pressing education policies being discussed among legislators in 2024.

School nutrition: Why some worry it’s at a “perilous juncture”

A range of financial, logistical and regulatory challenges have the potential to disrupt school meal service as pandemic relief funding expires and stricter standards arrive, advocates say. 

New proposal offers federal funding for AI literacy in schools

'Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act' would improve the nation's AI skills by providing funding for K12 professional development and new computer science classes. 

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