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Here is one way Democrats are firing back at GOP education plans

Inclusivity and civil rights underpin a new Bill of Rights for Students and Parents that Democrats have drawn up to counter Republican efforts to influence classroom instruction.

Black studies get a boost even as educators witness restrictions in other states

Leaders in three Virginia districts will offer AP African American Studies while Asian and Black studies get a boost in New York City schools.

What are the top priorities in Joe Biden’s 2024 plan for education spending?

Big bucks could be headed toward academic acceleration, special education and Title I schools in the 2024 education budget unveiled by President Joe Biden this week—but its outlook is dim in the face of a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a sharply divided Congress.

For LGBTQ students, schools in these 6 states may be least welcoming

"State lawmakers are trying to prevent trans students from participating in school activities like sports, force teachers to out students and censor any in-school discussions of LGBTQ people and issues," according to the American Civil Liberties Union.

7 models for how leaders can lay the groundwork for K12 innovation

You may not know it, but your district could be in one of seven states that have emerged as models for catalyzing K12 transformation. 

Even if National Parents Bill of Rights fails, should K12 leaders worry?

A Parents Bill of Rights just introduced by House Republicans seeks to codify many freedoms that families already enjoy when it comes to their schools but could also whittle away at superintendents' decision-making power.

Book ban breakdown: Which titles are being removed and where

A citizen's challenge was so urgent that a special meeting of the Escambia County school board was held this week to consider removing a trio of books from the district's libraries and classrooms. 

Two in two weeks: Another superintendent loses job after bringing a gun to school

John Gunn was arrested this week for allegedly bringing a gun to the central office the day after he resigned as superintendent of the McCreary County School District in rural Kentucky.

DeSantis issues target list of school board members he hopes to unseat in 2024

Some 14 school board members from across the state are now in the sights of the Florida governor and the far-right group Moms for Liberty, who intended to replace these officials with “Freedom First” candidates for reasons ranging from supporting mask mandates to being "lifelong Democrats."

Publicly funded private school? It’s on the table in several states

The growing popularity of education savings accounts is raising the specter for K12 leaders that the school choice movement could siphon more funds away from the public education system.

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