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This school district empowers parents by giving them direct access to IT

Chris Saxon, IT director at the Cherokee County School District in Georgia, and his team created an IT "call center" for families dedicated for providing troubleshooting assistance for their child's devices and other issues. "For our folks in IT, it's easy to see how they're being helpful when they're in their classroom fixing their panel, printer or laptop," he says. "But they don't understand that when things are going wrong, a lot of folks are working behind the scenes to make it right."

3 ways AI can impact educational outcomes positively and ethically

Cheating aside, let’s employ AI in ethical ways and enable our schools to spend more time on experiential learning, career exploration, skills development and other meaningful activities.

4 ways this district is fostering student success with small group instruction

Regardless of whether students are behind grade level or excelling, the synergy between small-group instruction and technology has the power to enhance engagement and complement teachers’ pedagogy.

How edtech allows teachers to leave one-size-fits-all education behind

Now is the time to start utilizing the vast technologies available at our fingertips (pun intended) because each student is diverse, unique and learns differently than their peers.

Cellphone regulation is both an administrative and a tech issue. Here’s why

"The digital revolution holds immeasurable potential, but, just as warnings have been voiced for how it should be regulated in society, similar attention must be paid to the way it is used in education," UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay said in a statement.

AI and education: Are there more risks or more rewards for K12?

AI can greatly help educators—be they in the classroom or central office—to engage students on a more personalized level, ensure equal access to quality learning resources and ease the workload

Surprise: Teachers now like ChatGPT more than students do

As some worry about artificial intelligence advancing beyond human control, many of the teachers who have used ChatGPT are embracing the high-tech tool.

K12 disruptor ChatGPT is facing a federal consumer safety investigation, reports say

ChatGPT has heightened concerns about cheating in K12 and now, the question of whether the AI tool has harmed its own customers appears to be at the center of a new federal investigation.

These were district leaders’ top 4 edtech challenges last year. Do you agree?

"We in leadership need to think differently about what our users—educators, support staff, parents—need out of data," said Ryan Gravette, director of information and technology at the Idaho Digital Learning Acadamy in Idaho.

The FETC Top Ed Tech Products awards application has closed.

The FETC Top Ed Tech Products awards application for 2023 has closed. Providers selected to continue in the process can expect to be notified of...

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