Instructional technology

Do you know the top 3 ways schools are using up ESSER funds?

Despite recent positive signs of academic recovery, the plans that administrators have for spending the rest of their ESSER funds prove some students are still struggling.

Predictions: How schools can use tech for good in 2024

Educators and the edtech industry must help students achieve a healthier balance with tech devices and tools, and engage kids authentically in their own digital well-being.

AI has big potential but we need more help, leaders say

Most superintendents and other administrators share two views of generative AI: the technology will improve instruction and educators need more guidance in adopting it, a new survey has found.

Want students to be more engaged? Don’t ban cellphones!

Banning cellphones to increase student engagement is about effective as making a nuclear power plant safer by upgrading the shed where workers park their bicycles, an edtech thought leader warns.

We turned an underperforming district around with video coaching

Facing state takeover, Jackson Public Schools shifted its instructional culture to focus on a growth mindset, continuous improvement and modeling excellence on video.

New proposal offers federal funding for AI literacy in schools

'Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act' would improve the nation's AI skills by providing funding for K12 professional development and new computer science classes. 

Educators must now emphasize the humans in the ChatGPT loop

“Wait and see” isn’t an adequate response to the forces being unleashed but there’s a pathway to progress that schools should explore.

AI in schools: Learning to love this transformative technology

Considered by some to be "a demon unleashed" while other consider it "a panacea for education’s myriad challenges," AI's impact on schools is only going to grow as learning platforms become more adaptive, teachers work to further personalize instruction and leaders seek more administrative efficiencies in running their districts.

Education in 2024: Partners break down 8 big trends

Collaboration will grow between K12 and the business community as academic growth is carefully assessed as AI drives the edtech evolution.

Teaching with AI: Excited about games, worried about isolation

For all the angst swirling around AI and education, only about one in five teachers says teaching with the technology has impacted learning negatively, a new survey finds.

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