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8-mile turnaround: New superintendent promises to fight for students in Eastpointe

Christina Gibson is relishing the opportunity to lead her district outside Detroit, leaning on mentors and training from DA's National Academy.

Teacher shortage: More colleges are now helping to solve the K-12 crisis

University leaders trying to build back the pipeline of educators say changes to systems and support are needed.

Techquity: Why access is only one part of achieving edtech success

Acclaimed education leader Ken Shelton says at FETC Conference schools must empower and listen to all students.

Esports remains the best vehicle to reach all K-12 students

The pandemic may have slowed a bit of the fervor, but interest in gaming, learning in schools is still soaring.

All K-12 schools plan to spend emergency relief funds on this item in 2022

But there are significant differences among rural, urban and suburban districts on use of ESSER funds.

Schools are back: How 3 superintendents are meeting challenges head-on

Despite occasional shifts to remote learning, robust supports have been key to keeping students on track in 2022.

How artificial intelligence is poised to change the future of education

AI's prevalence is all around, but it is up to educators to embrace it and use intuitive technologies to fuel all students.

Is your K-12 district equipped to handle bias, racist and hateful rhetoric?

Empowering students to react when incidents occur is critical to a school's success, and administrators must be proactive.

Techshare LIVE! speakers wow huge gathering of educators with new tips and tools at FETC

From Book Creator to Flippity, the four stars return to uncover the latest technology finds and add a lot of humor at the Orlando event.

How STEM can save the world through storytelling

TV personality Kari Byron and director/producer Jenny Buccos say educators are key to engaging, empowering all students.

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