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Building a Literacy Ecosystem: Keys to Transformational Change

Date & Time: Thursday, November 9 at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, learn why building a holistic literacy ecosystem should be a priority for any school or district leader, which crucial questions should guide any school community, and how to enact transformational change that will ultimately impact student achievement.

How one elementary school in Wisconsin is solving the early literacy challenge

Six years ago, Rich Wytonick became principal of Knapp. He worked to strengthen the instructional team and bring in community partners. As a result, Knapp was the first community school in the district–partnering with The United Way to provide wraparound services for students.

Texas education leaders and advocates explore how to redesign school models

Four North Texas schools were highlighted as examples of what some campuses are already doing to transform the student experience.

Maryland Board of Education may change how the state tracks students’ college readiness

An analysis of Maryland’s current “college readiness” metrics meant to determine whether high school students are properly prepared for college may be improperly assessing a large percentage of students, according to a new report analyzing the state’s interim College and Career Readiness standards.

Houston ISD Superintendent Mike Miles says he needs four to five years to turn the district around

Miles said he should be held accountable and be fired if the district doesn’t improve academically in the next two years.

Lakewood schools borrowed millions from New Jersey and still can’t pay its bills

That $93 million would be on top of the $165 million the district has borrowed since 2014. It has only managed to pay back $42 million. That would bring the district’s state debt to more than $198 million, an amount unlikely to be repaid anytime soon.

Scaling Personalized, Competency-Based Learning in a School or District

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 1 at 2 pm ET

This webinar will bring together leaders from Prince William County Public Schools and Tulsa Public Schools to share the practical strategies that support competency-based learning, how to create more student-centered teaching environments, and how new instructional approaches can better support and engage teachers.

More students gain eligibility for free school meals under expanded US program

At schools where 25% of families participate in income-based public benefits, such as the Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program, the federal government now will cover the cost of free meals for all enrolled students. Previously, the qualifying threshold was 40%.

New Jersey district to allow officials to go through students’ phones in effort to stop bullying

A school district in New Jersey is taking action after a student died by suicide last year after she was bullied by her peers. The Central Regional School District in Ocean County says it will allow officials to look through students' cell phones.

California to fine schools that ban textbooks on race or LGBTQ+ topics

"From Temecula to Tallahassee, fringe ideologues across the country are attempting to whitewash history and ban books from schools," Newsom said in a statment after signing the legislation that took immediate effect Monday.

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