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Divided U.S. House passes G.O.P. bill on hot-button schools issues

The legislation would require schools to obtain parental consent to honor a student’s request to change gender-identifying pronouns. Democrats said it would bring the conflicts over social issues to the classroom.

Denver public schools close for mental health day after shooting, as armed guards prepare a return to campuses

Friday’s mental health break, ahead of a weeklong spring break, is meant “to allow us all to take a moment to pause and process the challenging events this year,” including the shooting at East High School and a district data breach.

Los Angeles USD classes resume as 3-day strike ends; still no deal

Teachers’ aides, bus drivers, custodians, cafeteria workers and other support staff are asking for a 30% wage increase and better working conditions. LAUSD has offered a 23% raise over the next five years.

“If you want us, pay us”—United Education Association asks for increases in pay for Memphis educators

In order for teachers to get their jobs done efficiently, they say they need a few resources, so they started making demands known at the Memphis Shelby County Schools State of the District.

School voucher-like program in Texas could come with $1 billion price tag in early years

The legislation would give families $8,000 in public funds to spend on private school or other educational costs. Only students currently enrolled in public school or just beginning their education would be eligible for the newly created “education savings accounts.”

Ohio toxic train derailment upends school baseball, track

A little over a mile east of the small school — student population 285 — tucked near the Pennsylvania state line, cleanup crews are still dealing with the aftermath of the Feb. 3 train derailment.

‘There should be no sexually explicit books’: Texas lawmakers debate school library rules

Books deemed “sexually explicit” couldn’t be sold to districts under the bill. The proposal would also require schools to get parental permission before a child could access “sexually relevant material” in the library.

6 things to know about U.S. teacher shortages and how to solve them

Qualified special education, science and math teachers are among the hardest to find, according to federal data.

Do AI tools like ChatGPT help school students or do they just make cheating easier?

High school English teacher Cherie Shields wrote an opinion piece Don’t Ban ChatGPT. Use It as a Teaching Tool. She talks about the days where she once researched with an encyclopedia but acknowledged how students are “light years away from those old research methods.”

Inside a Brooklyn school teaching the course that Florida banned

Students taking the African American studies class have learned about ancient kingdoms, 20th-century movements and modern issues.

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