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Buzzword watch: ‘Durable skills’ are the new soft skills

Soft skills nudged the phrase 21st century skills out of the K12 lexicon and now it's being replaced by this latest college-and-career-oriented buzzword: Durable skills.

Non-degree pathways: Students and parents want to know more

Education leaders are encouraged to cover college and career options more comprehensively in middle school and offer more opportunities for parents to learn about post-graduation alternatives.

In-demand careers: Gender bias in K12 schools may be perpetuating a lack of exposure for students

Students have the natural talent to fill the nation’s most in-demand careers in healthcare, manufacturing, technology and finance. Education leaders may, however, be concerned that not enough students are being exposed to these fields, according to YouScience's 2024 State of the Future U.S. Workforce report.

What will drive more urgency around career prep in 2024?

Pressures on the wider U.S. workforce caused by a lack of workers with the requisite skills will drive more collaboration between K12 schools and employers.

6 key moves for leaders who want to accelerate career pathways

If you've built a career pathways program, you know it's a complex undertaking that requires outreach and collaboration with local business and organizations. If you're only in the preliminary phase, the good news is those who have developed successful initiatives have plenty of lessons to share.

7 quick tips: Helping the class of 2023 find alternatives to college

More than half of the graduating class of 2023 is opting out of the traditional four-year college education, according to a survey released Tuesday. While these numbers are no cause for alarm, leaders should be concerned that nearly one-third of the graduates were not aware of the career and technical education programs that would have given them alternative paths.

How Township High School District 214 is embedding entrepreneurship

It’s true what they say: a traditional four-year college education isn’t for everyone. But virtually every kid who walks the hallways of Township High School District 214’s six schools will get a job at some point in their lives.

Which edtech product is already changing learning for the better? 5 districts weigh in

These five leaders shared with District Administration their most valuable edtech tools and why they work so well for their students and staff. To no surprise, it all comes down to effectives and ease of access.

Why AI education will soon become an integral part of K12 education

School districts, colleges and universities across the country have entered a partnership to promote and expand AI education for all students, an area that's "exploded" since the emergence of tools like ChatGPT.

Does your school need an app? Have your students create one

Districts around the world are utilizing the program to have students create a working app—no coding experience necessary—for everything from lunch schedules to newsletters, which schools can utilize in their day-to-day operations.

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