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Meet the finalists for DA’s Top Ed Tech Product awards

In January, FETC 2023 will host the "Top Ed Tech Products of the Year" awards. This year's nominees have already been judged and reviewed, with most of the attention aimed toward how their products are breaking new ground.

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Education leaders looking to explore their options among the rapidly growing education-tech marketplace — which has grown even more crowded  — often turn to...

Top product: Paper 24/7 tutoring

Paper partners with school districts to provide unlimited, 24/7 high-impact tutoring—at no cost to students.

Top product: Kai’s Clan collaborative learning platform

A versatile kit that encourages cross-curricular and collaborative learning, both in-person and remotely.

Top product: eGlass Transparent Writing Glass with Built-in Camera

Calling its product The New Whiteboard, eGlass allows teachers to write on the board while facing and making eye contact with students, increasing engagement.

Top product: IMPACT™: Rapid-cycle Evaluation by LearnPlatform

The platform generates evidence about the effectiveness of education technology interventions so administrators can make informed decisions about ed-tech solutions.

Top product: TutorMe on-demand tutoring

With over 15,000 expert tutors covering 300+ subjects, TutorMe provides 24/7 academic support to more than 1.5 million students wherever and wherever they need it most.

Top product: Square Panda Literacy System

The system builds foundational reading skills through a multisensory & multimodal approach that individualizes instruction to reach all learners both in-class or at home.

Top product: ChalkTalk ELA and Math Instructional Materials with Computer Adaptive Practice

A modern tool for lesson planning and instructional design that can aid teachers in devoting their time to working with students and not planning instructional activities.

Top product: LEGO Education SPIKE Essential

LEGO has created an engaging STEAM-inspired collaborative coding, problem-solving, and storytelling play activity that encourages socio-emotional development alongside academics.

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