Assessment and standards

9 ways state tests could be more useful to teachers

Additionally, researchers from FutureEd argue a two-tiered approach to state testing could work. Here's what that looks like.

How to close learning gaps with a new assessment culture

Imagine a world where a young child’s comprehension of a text written by Dr. Seuss could predict whether they will graduate from high school more than a decade later. This may sound as nonsensical as a plot from Dr. Seuss himself, but it’s not a work of fiction.

Asset-based assessment can capture the magic of learning

The best assessment processes allow a learner to be measured alongside milestones of their own developmental trajectory, not in comparison to arbitrary—and potentially outdated—standards that may or may not reflect their unique, lived experiences.

Want to improve test scores? Remove these non-academic barriers

An alarming undercurrent to current academic declines is a rising tide of maladaptive behaviors across all student populations.

Report: Educators, focus on these 5 concepts to make testing fairer

Creators of standardized assessments tend to avoid cultural topics in their questions based on "fairness and colorblindness." That practice, however, may be making these sometimes high-stakes tests less fair for Black, Latino and other underrepresented students.

High-dosage tutoring is working. Here’s how to make it work better

A new analysis shares guidance on how leaders can best augment everyday classroom instruction with high-quality, high-dosage tutoring.

See which states have the highest standardized test scores

Do standardized test scores provide accurate forecasts of college or workforce success? As this debate rages, there's no question that school leaders have to pay attention to the results.

Get ready to carefully assess growth and interventions in 2024

Tutoring, summer school programs and double-dose math will join an emphasis on strengthening student-teacher relationships as academic recovery takes on even more urgency.

New elementary and middle school rankings take a deeper look at test scores

New rankings of the nation's best elementary and middle schools consider demographics and other factors within individual states.

ACT scores are at a 30-year low. How does this impact K12?

The graduating class of 2023 has continued a six-year decline in ACT scores, according to new data released by the testing giant.

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