7 strategies for using technology to promote equity and accessibility

An urban superintendent shares her tech journey and her blueprint for districtwide engagement at Irvington Public Schools in New Jersey.

Title IX: States line up to defy new K12 LGBTQ protections

Governors and education leaders of several states are ordering schools not to comply with Biden Administration Title IX update that outlaws harassment based on gender identity or sexual orientation

Book bans are hitting new heights this school year

Books about women, sexual violence and rape that have are being challenged based on obscenity while race, LGBTQ and transgender identities continue to be frequent targets.

Can we close the economic divides between K12 neighbors?

The solutions start with district leaders lobbying for new state policies, such as redrawing districts intentionally to serve a more racially and economically diverse mix of communities, a new report advises.

How to bring more men of color into district leadership

There are deliberate steps that district leaders can take to encourage more men of color to aspire to principalships, superintendencies and other administrative positions, says former administrator Harrison Peters.

4 ways to compare how school climate is recovering

New research shows how school leaders are faring with teacher shortages, political polarization, curriculum restrictions and their financial futures.

Not enough Black students are being exposed to STEM careers

A substantial number of Black students have the aptitude but not the access to in-demand STEM and CTE fields. This exposure gap is even wider for Black girls, a new report warns.

How are two years of teaching restrictions impacting classrooms?

“Students do not feel comfortable asking honest questions and teachers do not feel comfortable about giving honest answers," one teacher told researchers examining curriculum restrictions.

New group of superintendent hires reflects diversity—to a degree

Administrators from underrepresented groups and women are stepping up but white men continue to represent the majority of new superintendents picked by school boards. 

How to expand access to advanced high school math

Most high school math curricula feature Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II but access to Advanced Placement courses is less common, especially in small and rural high schools and those in which a majority of the students live in poverty, new analysis reveals.

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