5 ways school leaders can help disconnected communities access broadband

"This is a nuanced issue," said Tom Ferree, chairman & CEO of Connected Nation, a Kentucky-based nonprofit working to get more families hooked up to the internet, "and it’s critical for us to identify the pain points and work together to find solutions for not only expanding access to broadband but also helping people adopt and use the resources it offers.”

Why laws that bar teaching about race, LGBTQ topics have little to block

White authors and characters remain far more present in K12 curriculum than authors and characters of any other race or ethnicity, according to the “The Search for More Complex Racial and Ethnic Representation" study by Ed Trust.

How one state is taking on the ‘forced outing’ of transgender students

Chino Valley Unified School District requires schools to notify parents if a child asks to use a name or pronoun that's different from what's on their birth certificate or official records. The state's attorney general, Rob Bonta, is suing the southern California district, saying the mandates violate the privacy and civil rights of LGBTQ+ students.

Nontraditional outcomes: Why schools are measuring 4 new types of student success

A loose coalition of 250 school leaders is experimenting with deeper learning, social-emotional skills, self-direction and career readiness as they and their teams seek new ways to equip students for success after high school graduation.

Are English learners catching up with the big lift offered by ESSER?

How districts in five states are using relief funds to expand tutoring, family outreach and develop more multilingual teachers.

Second state opts out of popular AP African American Studies class

Arkansas teachers were told just 48 hours before the start of the 2023-24 school year that students would not get credit for the newly-created AP African American Studies, a course that is in high demand elsewhere. 

Here are the 3 big impacts political polarization is having in the classroom

Political polarization has made their job "intolerable," teachers say in a new survey. Here's how teachers says administrators, parents and colleagues can solve the problem.

Check the map: How healthy is the teacher workforce in all 50 states?

For school leaders who are visual learners, this newly released and highly detailed interactive map reveals key trends about the strength of the teacher workforce and the severity of ongoing shortages. 

Police in schools: Advocates detail 13 public safety alternatives

Using police to enforce discipline often fails to address the underlying causes of a student's behavioral problems and may hinder the accommodations the child needs to succeed, the nonprofit Center for Policing Equity contends.

5 keys to equity leadership for today’s K12 decision-makers

Equity leadership is every school and district leader’s job. Yet, too often definitions are buzzy and lack practical application.

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