Supreme Court clears way for elite high school’s race-neutral policy

Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology's policy is allowed to stand by same Supreme Court that found affirmative action unconstitutional last year.

Many school buildings are more outdated than their computers

We're not going to string you along with a lot of build-up here (pun intended): The average age of schools in the U.S. is nearly 50 and more than a third of the buildings were built before 1970.

Report: Educators, focus on these 5 concepts to make testing fairer

Creators of standardized assessments tend to avoid cultural topics in their questions based on "fairness and colorblindness." That practice, however, may be making these sometimes high-stakes tests less fair for Black, Latino and other underrepresented students.

Black students are most common targets as school hate crimes double

Schools trailed only homes and roads as the most common locations for reported hate crimes over a five-year period that includes the pandemic, according to an FBI study that also looked at the ethnicity and religion of the victims.

In-demand careers: Gender bias in K12 schools may be perpetuating a lack of exposure for students

Students have the natural talent to fill the nation’s most in-demand careers in healthcare, manufacturing, technology and finance. Education leaders may, however, be concerned that not enough students are being exposed to these fields, according to YouScience's 2024 State of the Future U.S. Workforce report.

Student-teacher diversity gaps are highest in these 11 states

The U.S. school system needs one million more teachers of color to close gaping diversity gaps between students and classroom educators. 

8 promising solutions to the outsize impacts of student discipline

Black boys and girls and students with disabilities continue to be suspended and expelled at rates that remain higher than their shares of total K12 enrollment, the latest data shows.

How districts can use data they already have to more equitably identify gifted students

A range of research has documented that many common gifted and talented identification practices miss many students, particularly students of color and those who are from low-income families.

Institutions are blending K12 and higher ed to improve student equity. Here’s how

With affirmative action ending, closing the gap between K12 and higher education might be as important as between students of different races and economic backgrounds.

Closing schools: How K12 leaders can promise value and equity

Rarely are demographic breakdowns of students or communities a part of the discussions when leaders consider closing schools. Academic impacts are also often absent from the debate, one expert asserts.

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