‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: Why authenticity is so important for Principal Kafele

"You remind them, you've got to make sure there's harmony in your life, there's balance, so you don't lose sight of the fact that you're not just that leader, you're also a human being away from the school," is a key part of Baruti Kafele's message to building leaders.

Strategic school staffing: How to upscale 7 promising models

Strategic school staffing models recognize that the K12 teaching workforce will never again look like it did in decades past, researchers say.

AI concerns grow even as more teachers adopt the technology

After last school year's struggles with AI, district leaders are supporting teachers more robustly with policies and resources. Still, more students are getting in trouble for misusing the technology.

How to create PD for AI in the classroom

Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and with the right instruction and support, it can excite teachers and enrich students’ learning.

Why new teachers are not prepared for today’s school climate

Building the social-emotional competence of prospective educators and their ability to support their students should begin in college coursework. But it requires more than a “one-and-done” approach.

Preparing teachers in community colleges makes sense—and cents

Community and technical colleges have helped shorten the time to obtain a degree for hundreds of thousands of secondary school students. The importance of these programs in terms of time to degree for the possibility of preparing baccalaureate degree teachers is paramount.

Paraprofessionals—and apprenticeships—are the big solutions to shortages

It’s time for school districts to recognize that paraprofessionals are already working in apprenticeship programs. The challenge is formalizing the apprenticeship model and providing a pathway to a teaching certificate.

5 ways to give teachers better support in the science of reading

After AI, the science of reading may be the hottest topic in education. And the most important way to strengthen this research-backed practice is to develop teachers' literacy skills, a new report contends.

We turned an underperforming district around with video coaching

Facing state takeover, Jackson Public Schools shifted its instructional culture to focus on a growth mindset, continuous improvement and modeling excellence on video.

New proposal offers federal funding for AI literacy in schools

'Artificial Intelligence Literacy Act' would improve the nation's AI skills by providing funding for K12 professional development and new computer science classes. 

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