5 charts to help us visualize the state of public education right now

One in five teachers in states without restrictions on race- and gender-related topics reported narrowing their instructional choices. And all educators remain divided over carrying guns in school.

3 ways to design virtual learning experiences that boost math scores

Most teachers understand that math learning recovery depends on data-informed, student-centered instruction. But without the right technology, it’s a methodology that’s difficult to deliver.

How to ensure that each student believes they are a ‘math person’

We are all "math people"—we may just not have had the opportunity to learn math in school the way our brain is naturally designed to learn.

Recovery on hold? How academic growth sputtered in 2022-23

The road to recovery remains rocky as the academic growth that most students made in the 2022-23 school year failed to match pre-pandemic norms, according to data on grades 3-8 released Tuesday.

How to build relationships that engage students in online math tutoring

As a teacher who’s worked in both traditional and virtual classrooms and as an online math tutor, here’s how I do my best to instill a love of math in my students.

Math scores for this one group of students show historic, long-term decline

There are no "green shoots’" of academic recovery emerging, with the Nation's Report Card showing the largest-ever drop in math scores by 13-year-old students and decreases in reading.

How do you boost math proficiency? The answer lies in classroom and research data

The greatest loss in math proficiency since 1990 is alarming, but the alarm has been going off since the early 2000s.

Is math curriculum outdated? Parents say it’s unengaging and disconnected from reality

"For students, math is a boring subject," said one Florida parent. "If they don't get it, they get turned off; they don't want to deal with it."

Superintendents, are you sick of the culture wars? So are many parents

A majority of parents say the culture wars—i.e., banning books and stifling 'woke' agendas—are much less important than academic advancement and school safety, according to a new survey.

If ChatGPT were a high school student, how would it perform? Let’s find out

Out of curiosity, we asked the chatbot to perform several tasks that your average high school student might be given in the subjects of history, writing and math. Needless to say, it outdid itself.

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