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Bolder visions: What 6 new strategic plans look like online

Graduation is no longer the goal in the latest wave of strategic plans. Superintendents and their teams are increasingly expanding their focus to ensuring their graduates find academic and professional success after completing high school.

The 3 important partnerships that help this superintendent make a difference

K12 partnerships at the Greenfield Union School District are driving esports, robotics, innovation and leadership, says Superintendent Zandra Jo Galván. "I'm excited about the future for kids," she exclaims.

ESSER drop: New calculations aim to measure the fiscal cliff

Superintendents may need to add the phrase "ESSER exposure" to their list of things not to look forward to as the COVID relief expiration date approaches.

What makes this unique middle school one of the coziest places in town

"Everybody has a role in being part of our kid's lives here while they're in the school," says Sham Bevel, a principal in Virginia Beach. "[Kids] want to be here. They know we care."

New teaching roles: 6 innovations that may save the profession

Increased autonomy and time for deeper personal connections are among the innovations that could help rebuild morale in K12 schools, a new report suggests. 

How two superintendents strive to be “real people”

Two leaders highlight key steps on a journey many K12 leaders take—that of humanizing themselves in their relationships with staff and students.

Navigating leadership churn: A 3-part guide for a future-ready education system

While personnel transitions are not uncommon in K12, the factors contributing to this sweeping change are diverse and interconnected.

‘Tis the season to reflect on better budgeting

Here are 5 tested actions for superintendents, cabinet members and board members to consider as they assess what has worked in the immediate past and what needs to be adjusted.

Districts are using teacher retention grants to staff up

Teacher retention grants and other forms of recruitment assistance are available from state and federal agencies and a wide range of other sources. Here's how K12 leaders are deploying the funds.

Family engagement: 5 key strategies to help leaders connect more effectively

K12 leaders looking to form closer connections with parents, families and communities should think of their outreach efforts as a blend of one- and two-way communications.

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