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Pace of new superintendent hiring is not slowing down

Dayton and Great Falls public schools promote from within while at least three superintendents have found new homes in the past week.

DA launches new ‘Talking Out of School’ podcast with Randi Weingarten

The best principals and superintendents are the ones who say to their staff, "What can I do to help you? What do you need?" That's the assessment AFT union head Randi Weingarten shared on the premiere episode of "Talking Out of School."

Is high turnover now leading to higher superintendent salaries?

Superintendent salaries in some California districts have grown by around 60% as openings increase and applicants decline, according to an EdSource analysis. See what's happening in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Job seekers want to be educators—outside K12, report warns

"Teaching talent exists—it just tends to seek more autonomy, greater flexibility, and higher pay than the typical school provides," warns a report from a leading employment website.

What education headlines should say in 2024 vs. current realities

Over the past decade, the teacher shortage crisis has grown in the United States and many other countries. There is much to be done before the situation is under better control and new common-sense solutions are installed.

How to make women an expectation—not an exception—in K12 leadership

Iranetta Wright, superintendent of Cincinnati Public Schools, shares her best advice to aspiring women leaders, as well as to leaders who want to improve representation in leadership.

New superintendent hiring is continuing at full speed in 2024

One of the biggest systems to pick a new leader is Yonkers Public Schools, the district on New York City's northern border. Anibal Soler, who has been the superintendent of Schenectady City Schools since 2021, will take the helm on May 1.

Where is teacher confidence headed? New surveys provide insight

Teacher confidence hit rock bottom in 2022 but now appears to be on the rebound even as political divisiveness continues to roil K12.

Districts charge into 2024 with a diverse group of new leaders

School districts that had vacancies at the top are now entering the year knowing who their next superintendents will be after a spate of holiday season hirings of both veterans and first-timers.

Student-teacher diversity gaps are highest in these 11 states

The U.S. school system needs one million more teachers of color to close gaping diversity gaps between students and classroom educators. 

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