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Shortage snapshot: How many schools are working with a full teaching staff?

There are wide disparities between states when it comes to a full teaching staff. Florida, with the highest percentage of vacancies, has approximately 6.5 teachers per 1,000 residents. The lowest, North Dakota, has about 13 teachers per 1,000 in population.

Superintendent is cleared to return to work after “twerking” controversy

Monique Beels of Mount Clemens Community Schools was suspended after parents complained about a suggestive dance routine that occurred during a private event at the district's high school.

Sudden change: 2 superintendents resign abruptly and 2 others are fired

Superintendents in Sonoma, California, and Judson, Texas, have stepped down suddenly in recent days, while other leaders have switched districts or been dismissed without warning.

Which states are being hit the hardest by teacher shortages right now?

Some states are better off when it comes to teacher shortages. But which states are suffering the most? According to a recent analysis, Florida has the fewest teachers compared to the state's population.

Anxiety alert: Teachers are more stressed out than frontline workers

'We would have guessed healthcare workers battling COVID-19 on the front lines during a public health crisis would display the most anxiety,' researcher says of teacher stress levels.

4 ways leaders can create playful teaching and learning environments

We can’t expect teachers to craft meaningful playful learning environments for students if they aren’t given the freedom to play and explore in their own practice.

How a “3 R’s” solution can keep teachers from quitting

What’s driving educators out of the classroom can be summarized as the new three R's of education: Respect, remuneration, and remote fatigue.

Increase training and mental health funding: 2 teacher retention strategies that are already working

"Grow-your-own" is the most popular teacher recruitment strategy in the nation's largest school systems, with many leaders implementing team teaching and expanded PD.

Hiring surge: How leaders are spending $20 billion to strengthen teaching

Districts are paying teachers to work longer hours, offering retention bonuses and pursuing other strategies that break with tradition, an analysis says.

Educator optimism vs. teacher burnout. Which will prevail in 2022-23?

While a majority of educators are worried about burning out in 2022-2023, many also say they feel optimistic about this school year.

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