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Teacher wage gap: K12 is no different than the wider workforce

When experience, education level, and school characteristics are similar, a sizable teacher wage gap disadvantages women in the K12 workforce. But there are several steps leaders can take to solve the problem.

Where are teacher salaries heading in the wrong direction? Almost everywhere

Alongside staff shortages and political turmoil, the average teacher salary has declined in all but four states since 2021, according to data collected by Scholaroo, a college scholarship search platform. 

A historic hire, a forcible exit and 2 more fired superintendents

Two more school boards in the Deep South fired superintendents last week, but not without a measure of controversy and community pushback. In New Jersey, a district leader was escorted out of his central office.

Layoffs are now entering the K12 picture as leaders face major budget deficits

Despite ongoing reports of teacher shortages, superintendents are having to make tough personnel decisions as COVID-era budget surpluses turn to post-pandemic shortfalls that have been compounded by enrollment declines. 

3 important ways to rethink how your district finds substitute teachers

It helps to stand in your substitute teachers’ shoes. Consider their uncertainty and worry from the moment they accept an assignment to the final bell of the day.

How to tackle teacher vacancies: 3 big topics and dozens of tools

This toolkit of well-tested talent management practices and innovative ideas will guide leaders in creating collaboration time, conducting empathy interviews and developing grow-your-own programs, among other solutions.

Voice of the superintendent: Feeling more optimistic—except for one big fear

Despite a brighter outlook after three years of turbulence, superintendents are extremely concerned about staffing issues: "We're in a better place, but teacher shortages could stall progress."

How online instruction can help solve local teacher shortages

Online instruction is a way to utilize valuable, experienced teachers who have retired from classroom teaching, but still want to be connected to education

The diversity disconnect: 6 ways schools can hire teachers who look like their students

"Increased exposure to same-race teachers is associated with improved course grades, attendance, grit and self-management, and the likelihood of being selected for gifted-and-talented programs," FutureEd's report says.

Good news: Has teacher turnover finally hit its peak?

Superintendents and their teams are finding success with strategies deployed to reverse the staff shortages exacerbated by the turbulence of the past few years.

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