Surprise: Teachers now like ChatGPT more than students do

As some worry about artificial intelligence advancing beyond human control, many of the teachers who have used ChatGPT are embracing the high-tech tool.

How socio-scientific instruction delivers job-ready skills to students—and boosts achievement

The increasingly popular STEM strategy "socio-scientific instruction" integrates social and ethical considerations into the curriculum, which gives students the chance to apply the skills they’re learning to address weighty issues.

Why this superintendent sees vouchers as a transformative opportunity

Superintendent Kurt Browning, the longtime leader of Florida's Pasco County Schools, calls himself a "champion of choice," having launched several magnet programs and expanded advanced curriculum offerings.

6 ways to nurture female students’ great aptitude for STEM

Here are the steps we need to take to understand how our female students feel about STEM subjects and pursuing careers in those areas.

Preschool STEM: 6 ways to launch effective learning early

Preschool STEM can prevent inequities in science and math achievement when students start kindergarten, and prevent the gap from growing.

Advice for smaller districts: Here are 4 ways to give students access to advanced math

Teachers in high-needs areas are more likely than their counterparts in resource-abundant schools to use curriculum from the previous year, according to a new report. It's up to education leaders to help close the gap.

Just how big is the K12 online tutoring market going to get?

The ever-increasing focus on STEM and the use of mobile devices for learning will drive significant growth in the online tutoring market over the next five years—by an estimated $97.7 billion.

Superintendents, are you sick of the culture wars? So are many parents

A majority of parents say the culture wars—i.e., banning books and stifling 'woke' agendas—are much less important than academic advancement and school safety, according to a new survey.

How Anne-Marie Imafidon gets girls to view themselves as STEM leaders

Educators cultivating the innovators of the future should be driven by creativity, providing safe spaces to explore, and altruism, STEM expert and FETC keynote speaker Anne-Marie Imafidon says.

Why you should let an edtech company live in your high school

While many districts have business partnerships driving their CTE programs, ISD 197 in Minnesota is home to a company that makes interactive STEM videos.

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