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Learn strategies for identifying, evaluating, and addressing needs of students with anxiety

This year's edition of Anxiety Disorders in the Classroom: An Action Guide to Identification, Evaluation, and Intervention details how to uncover and address anxiety in the school setting.

New pamphlet offers practical guidance to extended school year services

The guide includes methods for determining ESY needs as well as considerations for planning and delivering ESY services

New resource offers Dos and Don’ts for administering Title I programs

Dos and Don'ts When Administering ESEA/ESSA and Title I Programs covers topics that include compliance, allocations, use of funds for parent and family engagement, and more.

Find ways to design high quality instructional programs for students with significant needs

Serving Students With Severe and Multiple Disabilities: A Guide to Strategies for Successful Learning — Second Edition addresses how districts can provide instruction to enable students with severe and multiple disabilities to achieve consistent growth and progress.

IDEA progress monitoring made simple

Are They Staying on Track? provides step-by-step practical guidance to help district employees comply with all aspects of the IDEA's progress-monitoring requirement

Updated pamphlet helps districts understand, meet their ESY obligations

Extended School Year Services Under the IDEA and Section 504: Legal Standards and Case Law addresses the major issues school districts need to know about ESY to provide students FAPE and minimize disputes.

New resource helps districts to manage ADHD, comply with Section 504

"Allegations of discrimination against students with ADHD are on the rise," said author Kelli Dreier, Esq. "This update is chock-full of new case law, strategies, best practices, forms, and tools staff need to ensure they meet their legal obligations under Section 504."

School administrators, educators have new resource to help identify, reduce significant disproportionality in special education

The 2021 Disproportionality in Special Education: Where, Why and How It Occurs -- Second Edition outlines everything you need to know to comply with IDEA requirements regarding significant disproportionality.

New resource helps districts prevent IEP, 504 plan implementation failures

IEP and 504 Plan Implementation Strategies for Compliance and Student Success outlines the major pitfalls that lead to costly implementation failures and the concrete steps districts and individual educators can take minimize such mistakes.

New book helps IEP teams plan ahead to provide FAPE during emergency school closures

Preparing for the Unexpected: Individualized Contingency Plans for Students With Disabilities helps team members understand how to develop student-specific contingency plans while complying with the IDEA's procedural and FAPE requirements,

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