6 ways a tech-driven approach will boost literacy rates

In education, we talk a lot about achievement gaps, but especially since COVID we’ve also seen instructional gaps—and literacy has been impacted.

Practical Strategies to Support Newcomer Students

Date & Time: Thursday, June 6th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, two bilingual education experts will outline some practical, evidence-based strategies for building inclusive, supportive learning environments to ensure the academic and social success of newcomer students—those born outside the U.S. and who have recently arrived in the country.

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: Fixing shortages and academics at the same time

Recruiting more aspiring educators of color will not only fill teacher vacancies but also propel student achievement and improve school climate, says this week's podcast guest, Javaid Siddiqi, the president and CEO of The Hunt Institute.

Superintendent Roundtable: Closing Reading Gaps by Leading a Literacy Transformation

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 28th at 2 pm ET

In this webinar, a roundtable of district leaders from around the country will discuss the strategies they are using today that have made significant and measurable strides in literacy scores—sustainably, consistently, and equitably. 

Book bans are hitting new heights this school year

Books about women, sexual violence and rape that have are being challenged based on obscenity while race, LGBTQ and transgender identities continue to be frequent targets.

How one district is transforming learning by connecting kids to the ocean—and Bigfoot

A key to the mission at Sea Lab is for students to work "as scientists" across disciplines. Recent projects have had students grow lettuce in a hydroponic aquarium and compose music based on the sinking of military ships. "There's a little bit of whimsy science thrown in," teacher facilitator Simone Bourgeois explains. "We do everything from meteorology to zoology to any content science a student might approach in high school or college."

Literacy Leadership: Essential Strategies for Capacity Building in Your District

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 15th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, the Supervisor of Literacy and Learning Services from the Columbus City Schools will dive into the best practices for successful literacy plan implementation, focusing on how to build capacity and empower your team toward literacy transformation.

Developing a Bilingual Program: Evidence-Based Strategies for Success

Date & Time: Thursday, May 9th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, an experienced bilingual educator and district leader will outline some evidence-based strategies for developing a successful biliteracy program in any district, and how to evaluate tools and instructional approaches for effectiveness. 

Accelerating Literacy: Using Digital Tools to Elevate Student Choice and Voice

Date & Time: Tuesday, May 7th at 2 pm ET

In this 20-minute DA Ed Talk, the District Instructional Librarian for St. Vrain Valley Schools will share some actionable strategies for incorporating digital books and audiobooks into curriculum, elevating student choice, agency and voice, and quickly accelerating literacy across a school or district.  

Write to Learn: Creating a Culture of Literacy Districtwide

Date & Time: Thursday, April 18th at 2 pm ET

Join us for a 20-minute DA Ed Talk, where NoRedInk’s professional learning specialist—boasting extensive experience in classroom teaching and district-level implementation—will share clear, actionable strategies to enhance existing literacy programs and foster a culture of literacy across the curriculum.   

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