Celebrating multilingualism to unlock the potential of family engagement

The tremendous linguistic diversity present in our school communities necessitates intentional support to facilitate ongoing communication and trusted partnerships.

Making sense of the science of reading in a New Jersey school district

Our teachers are more confident and our students are more engaged as they are seeing themselves as readers and writers. The non-negotiables are constant professional development, materials/resources, coaching, modeling and a high expectation of fidelity.

How to keep literacy varied and fun to provide the repetition students need

The science of reading encourages a variety of approaches to meet the individual learning needs of all students. Here’s how it works in my classroom.

Superintendent’s Playbook: How to make more progress with interventions

"It forces collaboration between social studies, math, English and science teachers," explains Superintendent John Dignan of Wayne-Westland Community Schools, about embedding interventions into core instruction. "They're working together and our kids are getting the medicine they need—it's not just about remediation, it's about acceleration."

Being shelf-less: How digital reading and listening boost literacy

Reading apps allow educators to drop entire libraries into students' hands, inviting them to read in print, on their phones while traveling, and through their headphones when being active.

How this Iowa district deployed AI to ban 19 books from its libraries

Mason City Community Schools removed the books from grade 7-12 libraries, with an administrator saying that the size of its collection was too large for staff to read every title.

Are English learners catching up with the big lift offered by ESSER?

How districts in five states are using relief funds to expand tutoring, family outreach and develop more multilingual teachers.

5 tips for creating an effective literacy program for English learners

Some of our secondary ELs were losing motivation around year three and needed inspiration to stay on task and engaged with our literacy program.

Advocates are fighting move to block ‘sexually relevant’ books in Texas schools

A new law will require books and other materials to be rated and reviewed by vendors for sexual content before they can be sold to school libraries. Texas lawmakers warned A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Of Mice and Men, The Canterbury Tales, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, the Bible and other classic works of literature could be restricted.

How one vendor is trying to keep reading accessible in Florida schools

Administrators are seeking help complying with a new, controversial Florida state that requires each school district to adopt procedures for the regular approval, removal or discontinuance of books from media centers and classroom libraries.

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