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How to empower today’s educators with AI

AI is a tool, and not a solution in and of itself for the complex challenges facing educators today. However, there is immense potential for this new technology to advance district goals and student outcomes.

This California leader is using AI to expand his reach—and become multilingual

The Santa Ana Unified School District is launching "Sofia," a virtual AI assistant programmed to answer questions and serve families throughout the community.

Connecting district leaders: A key to overcoming challenges in education

Here’s why administrators should seize the opportunity to speak at national conferences, and the significant benefits they stand to gain. 

8 takeaways from CoSN’s 2024 State of EdTech Leadership report

District leaders can use the report to see how others are implementing technology strategies and compare them to their own efforts.

How to close learning gaps with a new assessment culture

Imagine a world where a young child’s comprehension of a text written by Dr. Seuss could predict whether they will graduate from high school more than a decade later. This may sound as nonsensical as a plot from Dr. Seuss himself, but it’s not a work of fiction.

4 ways to sustain your 1-to-1 program beyond ESSER

K-12 IT leaders have spoken in a new Incident IQ survey: 73% said that maintaining device access is one of their top goals for the year and a resounding 87% stated that sustaining 1-to-1 initiatives at their current levels is a top priority for 2024.

Why ChatGPT-4o’s new features have serious potential for learning

Need a math tutor? Just share your screen with AI and it'll see exactly what you're working on. Meet OpenAI's latest innovation.

Teacher morale: How to make educators happier with AI

55% of educators say they miss school due to burnout, a new survey contends. Here is how artificial intelligence can fix that.

6 ways a tech-driven approach will boost literacy rates

In education, we talk a lot about achievement gaps, but especially since COVID we’ve also seen instructional gaps—and literacy has been impacted.

Artificial intelligence is the teaching tool we’ve been waiting for

By demystifying artificial intelligence, we can help educators better understand how to leverage it to easily scale personalized learning opportunities.

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