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How to ‘transform’ the way your district approaches cybersecurity

"Finally, we have a framework, rubric and training designed for education," said Frankie Jackson, project lead for the Cybersecurity Rubric for Education. "Schools can expose risks and create a strategic plan to improve cybersecurity."

Using generative AI in the classroom? Be wary of misinformation

Generative AI is advancing faster than its creator can fix its most critical flaw: "how easily it can be weaponized by malign actors to manufacture misinformation campaigns," according to a new report.

‘It is very serious’: Minneapolis schools find student and staff data on the dark web

Once students' personal data is found on the dark web, there is virtually nothing families can do, according to one cybersecurity expert. Here are eight recommendations district leaders should give to families following an incident like this.

Here is how big the global edtech market will grow by 2030

The size of the global edtech market will approach $1 trillion by the end of this decade, driven by artificial intelligence, virtual reality and ever-expanding connectivity, bandwidth and speed.

Most school apps are tracking students. The question is: How closely?

Nearly all the edtech apps students most often use at school "are making extensive use of tracking technologies," though what type of data is at risk is not entirely clear, according to a new analysis.

What is GPT-4 and why is it better than ChatGPT?

Just when it seemed artificial intelligence had hit its peak, this new iteration of OpenAI's chatbot can turn hand-drawn pictures into fully functioning websites and recreate the iconic game Pong in less than 60 seconds.

One more school district sues to put social media giants in their place

"Just as we had 'Big Tobacco' we now have 'Big Tech' exploiting children," said one attorney representing the San Mateo Board of Education. The 107-page lawsuit alleges that social media companies knowingly use AI and machine learning to deliver damaging content to students.

Only 25% of the top 100 edtech products meet research standards

For even the most established and well-known edtech providers, their effectiveness and interoperability are just now taking flight. District leaders should require vendors to provide certain certifications before considering incorporating them into their district.

Just how big is the K12 online tutoring market going to get?

The ever-increasing focus on STEM and the use of mobile devices for learning will drive significant growth in the online tutoring market over the next five years—by an estimated $97.7 billion.

Why AI education will soon become an integral part of K12 education

School districts, colleges and universities across the country have entered a partnership to promote and expand AI education for all students, an area that's "exploded" since the emergence of tools like ChatGPT.

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