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School boards are now spending more time on these 5 topics

Is your school board focused on the same topics that are of growing concern at their counterparts' meetings in other districts and states?

How AI is enabling students—and teachers—to create their best work

Technology is supporting schools in their mission to provide engaging instruction, but some hurdles bar administrators from achieving technological innovation. Is edtech advancing too rapidly?

Missed FETC 2024? Here are some of the highlights

In this week's webinar, the Future of Education Technology Conference invited special guests to share what made this year's event so special.

Your FETC 2024 recap, narrated by AI

As we reflect on the best moments of 2024's National Future of Education Technology Conference, one observation stands out: The future of education is artificial intelligence. So, to welcome this inevitable force, what better way than to break down the event than through AI itself?

Session recap: Reimagining college and career prep in 2024

2024's National Future of Education Technology Conference was willed with inspiring sessions and workshops, one of which put students at the center of its message.

The excitement of FETC 2024: Here’s your recap in pictures

This year's National Future of Education Technology Conference was filled with joy and inspiration as thousands of educators and district leaders flooded the halls and keynote sessions eager to witness the latest edtech innovations unfold before their very eyes. Here are some of our favorite photos from the event.

Cybersecurity legislation is booming, but there’s room for improvement

Between 2020 and 2023, the number of proposed state bills on education-related cybersecurity supports skyrocketed by 250% totaling 307 bills introduced. But how many focus solely on K12?

Do you know the top 3 ways schools are using up ESSER funds?

Despite recent positive signs of academic recovery, the plans that administrators have for spending the rest of their ESSER funds prove some students are still struggling.

4 ways to ensure students are safe using edtech

New research reveals that not a single low-income school sampled perform technology vetting for their edtech required or recommended by the district. Here's why that's a problem.

Predictions: How schools can use tech for good in 2024

Educators and the edtech industry must help students achieve a healthier balance with tech devices and tools, and engage kids authentically in their own digital well-being.

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