Student behavior

Restorative justice: Why it may be the best response as behavior worsens

Restorative justice reduced arrests by 19% and out-of-school suspensions dropped by nearly as much in Chicago Public Schools that have adopted less punitive discipline.

These 10 states top the list for being home to the most equitable school districts

WalletHub's analysis compared each state—excluding Hawaii—based on two metrics: average household income and public elementary and secondary school spending per pupil. Where does your state rank?

What does the Saturn app do and why are schools warning against it?

Saturn's shared calendar purports to help high school students organize their academic, extracurricular and social lives. But school districts say it may put personal information at risk.

Are teachers and parents becoming more confident about school safety?

A majority of parents and teachers—more than 70% of each—believe their schools have put effective emergency response plans in place.

10 school choice concerns families have as the new year gets underway

The number of Americans who say K12 education is "heading in the right direction" has declined sharply, according to the latest Schooling in America survey by a leading school choice advocacy group. 

Police in schools: Advocates detail 13 public safety alternatives

Using police to enforce discipline often fails to address the underlying causes of a student's behavioral problems and may hinder the accommodations the child needs to succeed, the nonprofit Center for Policing Equity contends.

Crackdown on cellphones expands as 2023-24 school year approaches

District leaders are implementing new restrictions as they look to eliminate distractions and shift academic recovery into a higher gear in the 2023-24 school year.

Backlash against restorative discipline is growing as behavior breaks down

Leaders in district after district, sometimes with prodding from state legislators, are now rolling back more lenient restorative discipline policies and relying again on suspensions and other measures to address disruptive behavior. 

Leadership snapshot: Why detracking is Superintendent Dianne Kelly’s No. 1 priority

Kelly and her team at Revere Public Schools intend to overhaul the methods by which students have been selected for rigorous coursework over the last few hundred years or so. 

Latest PTA survey reveals how parents are feeling after the 2022-23 school year

In an era when the phrase "parents' rights" blurs many K12 lines, superintendents and their teams can gather insights from the National PTA's polling of the less vocal majority.

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