Student behavior

Student misbehavior on the rise? Let’s focus on character development

By reframing character education through the lenses of ‘being’ and ‘doing’, school administrators can partner with educators to curb the rising rates of misbehavior.

School cellphones: 2 more states consider big bans

Los Angeles USD has approved the nation's largest districtwide cellphone ban, which will take effect in January and also targets social media. 

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: How to reframe the teen brain

Tiffany Shlain's new documentary, "The Teen Brain," looks through the lens of neuroscience to help teens—and their parents and teachers—better understand the upsides of an intense period of growth and development.

Sandy Hook Promise: How to spot students who need more support

"It's really about how do you help someone months, weeks or even years before they ever reach the point of thinking about hurting themselves or hurting someone else," Sandy Hook Promise co-founder and CEO Nicole Hockley says on the latest episode of District Administration's "Talking Out of School" podcast.

Teachers around the world are facing similar hurdles—and AI, too

In a global McGraw-Hill poll, more than half of educators said that issues at home, insufficient family support and other external influences are the "largest obstacles to student success."

How this district created an anti-bullying initiative that actually works

This year, Wayne Township Public Schools set a goal to reduce bullying reports by 10%. Here's how they've more than quadrupled their expectations as of April.

No phone zones: Statewide bans are emerging across K12

 A new Indiana law requires public school districts to prohibit students from using cell phones during class time. Vermont lawmakers consider it a civil rights issue while Oklahoma offers financial incentives.

5 ways districts can better handle social media threats

School leaders should work with law enforcement to develop a response plan that starts discreetly, at a lower intensity, and scales up rapidly if a threat becomes credible.

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: Can we conquer chronic absenteeism?

"The churn that's happening in classrooms is now affecting everyone. It's affecting the ability of teachers to teach, teachers to set classroom norms, and kids to learn," Attendance Works Executive Director Hedy Chang says on this week's podcast.

Chaplains in public schools? What’s behind a new push

Lawmakers proposing the bills are pointing to counselor shortages but are not completely playing down the religious aspects of putting chaplains in schools.

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