Student behavior

International security and student safety: Why schools are banning TikTok

From "devious licks" to vandalizing school property, more districts are becoming aware of the dangerous TikTok trends that students can't get enough of. Then there's the fact that it can cause massive cybersecurity issues.

Is student monitoring software the best solution for child safety?

With a shortage of school counselors and incidents of self-harm and violence toward others surging this past year, districts are turning toward online monitoring services that can help administrators stay ahead of the curve.

This big Texas district just decided not to teach sex education this year

Sex education will be absent from Forth Worth ISD classrooms after the district's new health curriculum succumbed to pushback from some parents and political leaders.

How to manage the looming threat of school shootings in 2023

Between 2016 and 2020, there has been a total of 173 mass shootings in the U.S. Among those, 13 have occurred within educational institutions, making this sector the third-most targeted.

Safety first: How schools are investing in security in 2023

New data from the National Center for Education Statistics reveal that an overwhelming majority of schools have extensive security measures in place. For example, at schools with a full- or part-time SLEO or SRO, 92% of them routinely carry a firearm.

Third violent threat forces besieged district to cancel another day of school

A warning of a student possessing a gun has shut down Richmond Community Schools, the Michigan district that was closed all last week as the result of a threat targeting an administrator's family. 

Virginia superintendent “in shock” after first-grader shoots teacher

Abby Zwerner was taken to a local hospital with "life-threatening" injuries after she was shot by her 6-year-old student during an altercation.

Why should K-12 leaders support esports? Let us count the reasons

Higher attendance, deeper engagement and improved mental health are just three of the benefits to students. Learn all about it at more than a dozen esports sessions during the 2023 Future of Education Technology® Conference in New Orleans in January.

A student wore a Nazi Halloween costume. Now the principal is suspended

The Chicago Teachers Union called on the city's mayor to remove the principal permanently because of what it described as a history of intolerance at Jones College Prep.

Why these students feel empowered being on superintendents advisory council

Students on the Mercer Island School District's superintendent advisory council use their voices to advocate for classmates and make change happen.

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