Amid a few high-profile departures, several districts welcome new superintendents

Anoka-Hennepin Schools—one of the largest districts in Minnesota—has chosen Cory McIntyre to become its next superintendent while Spartanburg School District Three hired Julie Fowler and Midland ISD picked Stephanie D. Howard.

Texas superintendent arrested for planting recording device in girls’ locker room

Joshua Goen, the suspended superintendent of Seagraves ISD, was arrested this week on suspicion of planting a recording device in a locker room to spy on a girls' basketball team, according to multiple local reports.

Superintendent fired for administration’s ‘lack of curiosity’ after student’s sexual assault arrest

Loudoun County Public Schools Superintendent Scott Ziegler has been dismissed after a Virginia grand jury accused the district's leaders of "looking out for their own interests" by simply transferring a teenager who had been charged with sexually assaulting a student in a high school bathroom.

Superintendent is cleared to return to work after “twerking” controversy

Monique Beels of Mount Clemens Community Schools was suspended after parents complained about a suggestive dance routine that occurred during a private event at the district's high school.

Administrators placed on leave after making video portraying a fake school shooting

Teachers reported that their personal Facebook photos were used to depict their deaths in the mock shooting video, which cost a superintendent and a principal their jobs.

Hostile school boards oust 2 superintendents while FBI probes another

Two Florida leaders depart after confrontations with newly sworn in school boards while a Texas superintendent is facing an FBI investigation.

How 3 superintendents are finding fresh purpose by adapting a whole child focus

Prioritizing the whole child in meeting the needs of all learners is at the top of the agenda for these leaders. "We're maximizing every minute. And we're leaning into kids' interests," one says.

Moms for Liberty is connected to the firing of yet another superintendent

The firing of yet another superintendent, this time Brennan Asplen of Sarasota County Schools, comes in the wake of a performance review that deemed him to be effective in the job.

Sudden change: 2 superintendents resign abruptly and 2 others are fired

Superintendents in Sonoma, California, and Judson, Texas, have stepped down suddenly in recent days, while other leaders have switched districts or been dismissed without warning.

Broward County school board fires Superintendent Vickie Cartwright

Her termination came out of the blue, as she was originally tasked in October with taking 90 days to create a checklist of issues to address. "I'm flabbergasted," says one board member.

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