Get to the point! More cybersecurity funding and accelerated summers

In this new series, District Administration covers what you need to know for the coming school week: There's a new pilot program to protect schools from cyberattacks and ideas for closing the digital divide and accelerating summer schools.

3 innovative ways schools are using AI to improve learning

One-quarter of public school teachers say AI does more harm than good for K12. However, that's not stopping these schools from innovating.

Personalized learning: How to embrace a transformation

Embracing personalized learning is a transformative journey that requires vision, commitment and collaboration. School leaders can create a learning environment where every student can thrive by creating a supportive culture, empowering teachers, leveraging technology and involving all stakeholders.

Why this tech director isn’t racing to adopt AI

Tech director Brian Miles and his IT team at Middleton-Cross Plains Area School District are waiting for guidance and watching how other districts are bringing AI into their classrooms.

Connecting district leaders: A key to overcoming challenges in education

Here’s why administrators should seize the opportunity to speak at national conferences, and the significant benefits they stand to gain. 

Embracing AI in Education: A breath of fresh air for teachers and students

In the bustling world of education each May, where teachers and administrators often find themselves navigating an array of tasks and challenges at the end of the school year, the emergence of AI presents both an opportunity and a relief.

What keeps edtech leaders up at night? The answer is unanimous

Ninety-nine percent of districts are currently taking steps to bolster their cybersecurity and they worry that AI will bring forth new types of cyberattacks.

Searching for edtech? Look to these globally ranked products

TIME Magazine recently published its list of the "World's Top EdTech Companies 2024." Some familiar faces made the top 15 spot.

10 of the most common reasons teachers use AI

Despite the technology's prominence in K12 education, most learners will tell you that the human connection can never be replaced.

DA’s Top EdTech Products of the Year 2025 contest is now open!

The contest is now open for the District Administration Top EdTech Products awards, which are designed to showcase the latest in edtech innovation, with the emphasis on how these technology solutions are breaking new ground in the edtech market. 

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