Missed FETC 2024? Here are some of the highlights

In this week's webinar, the Future of Education Technology Conference invited special guests to share what made this year's event so special.

Your FETC 2024 recap, narrated by AI

As we reflect on the best moments of 2024's National Future of Education Technology Conference, one observation stands out: The future of education is artificial intelligence. So, to welcome this inevitable force, what better way than to break down the event than through AI itself?

Session recap: Reimagining college and career prep in 2024

2024's National Future of Education Technology Conference was willed with inspiring sessions and workshops, one of which put students at the center of its message.

The excitement of FETC 2024: Here’s your recap in pictures

This year's National Future of Education Technology Conference was filled with joy and inspiration as thousands of educators and district leaders flooded the halls and keynote sessions eager to witness the latest edtech innovations unfold before their very eyes. Here are some of our favorite photos from the event.

New partnership aims to create safeguards for students using AI

OpenAI is partnering with Common Sense Media to create educational resources and guidelines for educators and students to practice the safe and ethical use of AI.

2024’s National Educational Technology Plan is all about equitable access

The surge in 1:1 technology plans during the pandemic did not close the access gap, Erin Mote, executive director and co-founder of InnovateEDU, said during a panel discussion at the 2024 National Future of Education Technology Conference in Orlando, Florida last week.

Equal access, college pathways and DeSantis: A sit-down with Supe Jose Dotres of Miami-Dade

While Miami-Dade County Public Schools Superintendent Jose Dotres has proven himself to be more than a capable leader, job security as a superintendent in Fla. has never been more fraught. Here's what's on his agenda for his last three years on the job and how he's learned to navigate a new political environment.

Dan Fitzpatrick at FETC 2024: The future of AI in education

District Administration's Micah Ward sat down with Dan Fitzpatrick, former educator and bestselling author of The AI Classroom: The Ultimate Guide to Artificial Intelligence in Education, to learn what artificial intelligence has in store for K12 education. Rest assured, teaching jobs are not on the line.

Sending teachers to FETC 2024? Tell them to check out these 3 sessions

If you're one of the many education leaders sending a team of educators to FETC 2024, here are three sessions that will touch on some of the most pressing edtech topics and issues that you won't want them to miss.

5 FETC sessions that grabbed our attention

Looking for a great session (or two, or three…) to attend during FETC 2024? We’ve got you covered! Here are 5 sessions we’re eyeing as we build our FETC schedules.

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