Is student monitoring software the best solution for child safety?

With a shortage of school counselors and incidents of self-harm and violence toward others surging this past year, districts are turning toward online monitoring services that can help administrators stay ahead of the curve.

How these edtech CEOs are paving the way for education of the future

At these edtech companies, putting student and teacher voices at the center of their decision-making is the key to ensuring equitable and successful education.

A futurist’s perspective on generative AI in the classroom

While many school districts fear the onset of generative AI in classrooms, business guru and former educator Daniel Burrus says, "Thank God."

How Anne-Marie Imafidon gets girls to view themselves as STEM leaders

Educators cultivating the innovators of the future should be driven by creativity, providing safe spaces to explore, and altruism, STEM expert and FETC keynote speaker Anne-Marie Imafidon says.

We told ChatGPT to write an article about FETC. Here’s how it did

With the help of the chatbot that's taking K12 by storm, we present an informative piece—finished in under 30 seconds—on what to expect at FETC, produced using artificial intelligence.

Want to make the most of your makerspaces? Check out these 6 FETC sessions

Many more schools now have a makerspace yet educators are still looking for guidance in connecting the projects, tools, and technologies to classroom curriculum.

Father-son first: Principal and entrepreneur will make history at 2023 FETC

Father-son duo David and Charlie Levine will guide educators at FETC with ideas to keep students from falling behind, including instructional coaching and organizational technology.

If school security is a priority in 2023, don’t miss these 5 sessions at FETC

Not only will attendees learn about the best instructional technologies for their district, but they will also discover how they can implement state-of-the-art security measures to keep students feeling safe in the classroom.

#Winning! These are DA’s Top Ed Tech Products of the Year

You can check them out in person at the Future of Education Technology Conference in New Orleans in January.

AI insights: 5 FETC sessions that may change your mind about chatbots

AI innovations such as ChatGPT have educators split over whether to hail it as a teaching tool or fear a powerful new weapon for cheaters.

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