New book offers guidance, tools to address needs of students with significant social, emotional, behavioral needs

By: | January 14, 2021

LRP Media Group, a recognized leader in the special education publishing industry, has released Supporting Students With Intense Social, Emotional and Behavioral Challenges: The NEEDS-SEB Model. This book draws from the authors’ more than 10 years of research and evaluation of what makes a NEEDS-SEB (needs-driven, equity-focused, evidence-based, designed to provide specialized instruction, and sustainable implementation model for social, emotional, and behavioral supports) program effective, and what makes such a program fail outright or, regrettably, not sustain over time. This book applies to students with and without emotional disturbance eligibility under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. School district administrators, special educators, general educators, and related service providers can benefit from reviewing the guidance and using the more than 50 sample forms and tools provided.

This manual outlines a program that requires development of “thinking about thinking,” which is the hallmark feature of students whose recovery cannot occur primarily by environmental engineering or behavior plan development. Emotionally driven behavior often occurs in this population, and has different characteristics from purpose-driven behavior, which responds to the presence or absence of supports and conditions in the environment in which the behavior occurs. The manual features rubrics for the quarterly team evaluation of programs and further guidance and clarification on what needs to be done upfront to increase the likelihood of success, the role of relationships in healing from trauma, and the ability to run remote learning programs in the era of pandemics.

The book also guides readers on:

  • How to systematically organize three different teams to begin the planning process prior to starting a NEEDS-SEB class or program and evaluate fidelity incrementally to sustain programming over time.
  • Why implicit bias, trauma, and cultural sensitivity should be addressed in a NEEDS-SEB program and how to incorporate them into a rubric regarding program fidelity and into responses to challenging behavior.
  • How to implement a reboot process, which allows students to reflect on their significantly challenging behavior and learn how to handle a similar situation better next time.
  • How to modify a reboot system to serve as a personalized de-escalation plan for explosive behaviors.
  • Why establishing, maintaining, and restoring positive relationships between all students and staff is key to a NEEDS-SEB program’s success.
  • How to deliver NEEDS-SEB programming in the context of remote learning, including how to engage students in self-governance meetings online.
  • How to respond when students act as saboteurs of a NEEDS-SEB program.

Supporting Students With Intense Social, Emotional and Behavioral Challenges: The NEEDS-SEB Model is available for purchase from LRP Publications’ online store.

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