Emergency teaching licenses are easing the exodus, but what are the risks?

Even during a nationwide shortage, some in and around K12 worry about the impact that the explosion of emergency licenses is having on institutional quality and student achievement.

Advice for smaller districts: Here are 4 ways to give students access to advanced math

Teachers in high-needs areas are more likely than their counterparts in resource-abundant schools to use curriculum from the previous year, according to a new report. It's up to education leaders to help close the gap.

Fresh leadership: New superintendents step up in more than a dozen districts

It has been a tough time for superintendents but a recent wave of new hires could bring back some energy to an education system facing a range of challenges.

Friendly reminders: 7 tips for dealing with today’s most difficult parents

"They’re fewer than 5 percent of all the parents you deal with, but they take up 95 percent of your time," a counselor says of angry moms and dads.

DeSantis to expand controversial ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law to Florida high schools

The newest iteration of the bill would ban discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in grades 4 through 12 unless explicitly required by existing state standards or as part of instruction related to reproductive health.

Superintendent accuses school board, mayor of years of racism as dismissal looms

Sexism, racism and secret surveillance—those are among the allegations Superintendent Priya Tahiliani is making in a lawsuit she has filed against the mayor of a Boston suburb and the school board that declined to renew her contract.

How to ‘transform’ the way your district approaches cybersecurity

"Finally, we have a framework, rubric and training designed for education," said Frankie Jackson, project lead for the Cybersecurity Rubric for Education. "Schools can expose risks and create a strategic plan to improve cybersecurity."

Mass exodus? 5 states show teacher turnover may be living up to the hype

Across the country, teacher turnover is hitting historic highs and undercutting enrollment growth, but not all who leave the profession are finding better jobs.

Los Angeles schools shut down—it’s going to be a ‘difficult day’

As tens of thousands of teachers and staff strike in a call for better pay, Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says, "I made myself available alongside my team for hours today, hoping that we would be able to have a conversation for a whole host of reasons, some of which I do not understand. We were never in the same room, or even in the same building."

A Nebraska superintendent with a troubled past now faces a new assault charge

Brian T. Redinger allegedly threatened a "patron" on Stapleton Public Schools property earlier this year. The incident, however, was not his first serious brush with the law while serving as a superintendent, local reports say.

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