Pace of new superintendent hiring is not slowing down

Dayton and Great Falls public schools promote from within while at least three superintendents have found new homes in the past week.

Why visible leadership is so important in K12 education

Being a visible leader is significant in fostering trust, driving innovation, enhancing communication, nurturing collaboration, and ultimately, shaping the future of our schools and students.

Several superintendent spots are being filled by internal promotions

A longtime administrator and current interim superintendent was promoted to the top spot in the district he has served for years during another busy week of leadership moves and internal hires.

Superintendent spotlight: Learning from CEOs and defending public education

"We have not yet arrived but we are certainly on our way," is how Superintendent Michael Daria describes, enthusiastically and honestly, the progress students are making at Tuscaloosa City Schools in Alabama.

Video Q&A: Why this successful superintendent doesn’t want to get complacent

In this video Q&A, "We're continually pushing for the next thing, details how and his team are managing growth that has seen his high-achieving Delaware district grow from 11 buildings to more than 20 and be recognized multiple times as the state's best.

Here are the administrators who just landed new superintendent posts

Three urban districts choose new leaders as several small school systems are giving administrators their first opportunity to serve as superintendent.

School choice: How to co-opt the concept and keep it within your district

Superintendent Roger Freeman has coopted the school choice concept within his K-8 district by replacing traditional attendance zones with a series of career-focused academies.

Video Q&A: How one superintendent launches students into better lives

In this video Q&A, Wisconsin Superintendent of the Year Mark Hansen covers his priorities: career-based learning, community engagement and early-college.

Is high turnover now leading to higher superintendent salaries?

Superintendent salaries in some California districts have grown by around 60% as openings increase and applicants decline, according to an EdSource analysis. See what's happening in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Another wave of new superintendents is taking the helm

A 36-year career in the Virginia Beach City School District has ultimately landed interim superintendent Donald Robertson in the top spot of Virginia's fourth largest school system.

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