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Emergency teaching licenses are easing the exodus, but what are the risks?

Even during a nationwide shortage, some in and around K12 worry about the impact that the explosion of emergency licenses is having on institutional quality and student achievement.

Fresh leadership: New superintendents step up in more than a dozen districts

It has been a tough time for superintendents but a recent wave of new hires could bring back some energy to an education system facing a range of challenges.

Here is how big the global edtech market will grow by 2030

The size of the global edtech market will approach $1 trillion by the end of this decade, driven by artificial intelligence, virtual reality and ever-expanding connectivity, bandwidth and speed.

Most school apps are tracking students. The question is: How closely?

Nearly all the edtech apps students most often use at school "are making extensive use of tracking technologies," though what type of data is at risk is not entirely clear, according to a new analysis.

How the wealthiest families are taking advantage of school vouchers

It's all about the voucher tax credits and how families with incomes over $200,000 are snapping them up in the name of school choice.

Teacher wage gap: K12 is no different than the wider workforce

When experience, education level, and school characteristics are similar, a sizable teacher wage gap disadvantages women in the K12 workforce. But there are several steps leaders can take to solve the problem.

Free school meals drove a surge in participation. Here’s how to keep it going.

Nearly 30 million students per day received lunch at school and more than 15.5 million had breakfast in the 2021–2022 academic year as more children returned for in-person instruction.

Where are teacher salaries heading in the wrong direction? Almost everywhere

Alongside staff shortages and political turmoil, the average teacher salary has declined in all but four states since 2021, according to data collected by Scholaroo, a college scholarship search platform. 

Black studies get a boost even as educators witness restrictions in other states

Leaders in three Virginia districts will offer AP African American Studies while Asian and Black studies get a boost in New York City schools.

What are the top priorities in Joe Biden’s 2024 plan for education spending?

Big bucks could be headed toward academic acceleration, special education and Title I schools in the 2024 education budget unveiled by President Joe Biden this week—but its outlook is dim in the face of a Republican-controlled House of Representatives and a sharply divided Congress.

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