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ESSER III funds: Here’s how districts are spending them

Learning loss and staff recruitment and retention continue to be the two most expensive categories according to Burbio, which collected data from 6,000 school districts on how they plan to allocate their ESSER III funds.

Healthier school meals rules are looming. Here is what they look like

Reducing salt and sugar content across school menus is the leading goal of new nutrition standards that may soon be served up in cafeterias.

Superintendent salary: How 3 states aim to cap the pay of top K12 educators

The most drastic proposal, from Texas, would prevent public officials from earning more than the state's governor. Another bill links the salaries of superintendents to first-year teachers.

Superintendents, are you sick of the culture wars? So are many parents

A majority of parents say the culture wars—i.e., banning books and stifling 'woke' agendas—are much less important than academic advancement and school safety, according to a new survey.

AP African American Studies course shrinks in scope after outcry

Many Black scholars associated with critical race theory, the queer experience, and Black feminism have been removed—along with Black Lives Matter—from the official curriculum, The New York Times reported.

A war on ChatGPT is raging. But some K12 leaders are making peace with AI

While districts in New York City and Seattle have blocked ChatGPT, administrators in Denver Public School are exploring how to use OpenAI's chatbot as a teaching tool.

Another superintendent steps down after butting heads with school board

Park Ridge-Niles School District 64 Superintendent Eric Olson cited "irreconcilable differences" with the board as the main reason for his decision to resign from the Chicago-area system when the school year ends in June.

Here are Homeland Security’s 3 top tips for beating cyberattacks

Cybersecurity threats are now placing "an untenable burden" on schools and the students and staff members they serve, feds say.

How one college prep site rates your school system on 3 big priorities

It's hard to argue that superintendents and their leadership teams have three higher priorities than student success, school quality, and the safety of everyone who learns and works in their district.

Accountability and accreditation are not the same. Which is more important?

The metrics of state accountability systems are often out of sync with bigger-picture accreditation evaluations—and the disconnect hinders the ability of schools and districts to improve, according to a new report.

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