Consumer Reports says Lunchables ‘should not be allowed on menu’ for schools, petitions USDA for removal

The school cafeteria versions of popular kids’ grocery store snack kit Lunchables is packed with too much sodium, the consumer watchdog group warned on Tuesday.

Ohio to purchase mobile homes to train public school staff in firearms

In a first, the state has purchased shoot houses designed for indoor gun training to help school staff ‘respond to active shooter’

These 15 big city suburbs have the best schools in the U.S.

The cities and towns with the best schools in the country, according to real estate site Niche, do not represent vast swaths of the country.

Should Chicago school board members be paid? Some advocates hope state lawmakers say yes.

Education advocates are renewing a push to change Illinois law to allow Chicago school board members to be paid—with the hope that would encourage teachers and parents from low-income households to represent Chicago Public Schools’ diverse student body.

Many kids worry about missing school due to illness, poll finds

In the latest poll—based on 1,300 responses last month from parents of 11- to 18-year-olds—2 in 3 said their child frets about how missing school will affect their grades. The same number worry about missing friends or school activities.

The Future of Assessment Leveraging Artificial Intelligence

Date & Time: Wednesday, April 17th at 4 pm ET

In the rapidly evolving world of education, where innovation is the key to staying ahead, AI-powered tools for education are emerging as transformative forces. One area witnessing a revolutionary change is assessments. As traditional assessment methods face challenges adapting to the digital age's demands, Artificial Intelligence (AI) redefines how we evaluate learning outcomes.

Parents challenged the Book of Mormon, the Quran in this Utah school district. Here’s what happened next

The review of the religious titles took eight months in Davis School District, which previously took heat for banning the Bible before later reversing that decision.

What’s the secret to childhood resilience? It’s not what you think

Reinvigorating youth sports may be the answer. It’s the ideal environment for kids to build life skills such as resilience and alleviate feelings of loneliness.

Green Bay school board shuts down possibility of former superintendent’s return

Despite members of the community rallying for Dr. Claude Tiller, Jr. to be reinstated as superintendent of the Green Bay Area Public School District, the Board of Education said the "window to have this conversation has closed" and the district is "moving forward" with the process of finding a new leader.

Brockton superintendent unretires, is put on leave at fiery school committee meeting

At a meeting to address ongoing violence at Brockton High School, Superintendent Michael Thomas, who went on medical leave before a $14 million budget shortfall was announced last year, rescinded his retirement notice; the school committee responded by placing him on paid administrative leave

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