Operation Education: Sexual assault allegations at Michigan elementary school

At least two families in Cass County say their elementary school daughters were sexually assaulted by a classmate inside Marcellus Elementary School.

Why K-12 schools aren’t requiring students to get COVID-19 vaccines

No states are planning to require student vaccinations this school year, a marked turnaround from where things seemed to be headed last winter when multiple states and school districts suggested vaccine mandates were coming soon.

Former Robb Elementary School principal accepts new position with Uvalde CISD

Robb Elementary School Principal Mandy Gutierrez will be shifting positions, changing her title to Assistant Director of Special Education.

Bullard High School in Fresno will be a ‘cellphone-free environment.’ When will ban start?

Bullard plans to use magnetically locking phone pouches produced by Yondr, the same company entertainers have used at concerts to prevent audience members from getting distracted by phones during shows.

Walking in the shoes of a school superintendent in 2022

As superintendents strive to reimagine experiences and outcomes for all students and to build the public trust they need to do so, they deserve responsive and meaningful support from peers and leadership experts.

FBI request for info on Uvalde shooter raises questions about interagency sharing

The FBI would not comment on the record as to why it used a process geared toward public information requests as part of its official investigation.

N.J. school district gets new superintendent as board faces lawsuit, ethics complaints

The acting superintendent in Monroe will get the job permanently despite ongoing turmoil in the township over how she was selected, officials said.

3 things in the Senate climate-change bill that could affect K-12 schools

A sweeping new proposal to tackle climate change that’s gaining momentum on Capitol Hill includes funding opportunities for schools to operate electric buses and improve air quality in buildings.

Reclaim Idaho initiative could carry an unexpectedly high price tag

The price tag for the Reclaim Idaho education initiative could be much higher than expected.

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