Q&A: New cybersecurity support is on its way to K12

Many schools don't have access to grant writers or adequate funding for cybersecurity. This new government council wants to change that.

Deeper learning: How tech brought this Holocaust survivor to back life

Middle schoolers at the Brigantine Public School District had a chat with Edward Mosberg, a Holocaust survivor who died nearly two years ago. It was a learning experience they say they'll never forget.

Is it possible to desegregate the nation’s biggest school system?

The tactics for attacking segregation today are different from those employed in school districts generations ago. Across the city, some local districts and schools are trying other ways to mix student bodies without explicitly using race, as a way to avoid limits created by past Supreme Court cases.

3 important ways to make your profile of a graduate actionable

Creating a collective vision or “profile of a graduate” that reflects the hopes and values of your community is a vital step in leading district transformation.

Rural schools look for ways to bring more multilingual education into the curriculum

Throughout rural America, non-native English speakers are less likely than their urban peers to get proper support in school, sometimes leading to a lifetime of lower educational attainment.

A GOP Texas school board member campaigned against schools indoctrinating kids. Then she read the curriculum.

After taking office and examining hundreds of pages of curriculum, Granbury ISD board member Courtney Gore, the co-host of a far-right online talk show, was shocked by what she found—and didn’t find.

Adding migrant children to Massachusetts schools a challenge and an opportunity, superintendent says

Peabody is one of 74 Massachusetts communities with new shelters housing migrants and that means more students suddenly added to the school system.​

US Department of Education announces grant program to boost FAFSA completion

Federal education officials said the new funding will help school districts, nonprofits and other groups put on FAFSA submission clinics and make advisors available outside of regular school hours.

Many high school math teachers cobble together instructional materials from the internet, a survey finds

The do-it-yourself approach has two downsides both of which affect students, one researcher says. One problem is that it’s time consuming. The other problem is that teacher-made materials may sacrifice the thoughtful sequencing of topics planned by curriculum designers.

Consumer Reports says Lunchables ‘should not be allowed on menu’ for schools, petitions USDA for removal

The school cafeteria versions of popular kids’ grocery store snack kit Lunchables is packed with too much sodium, the consumer watchdog group warned on Tuesday.

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