Memphis’ school district needs to cut $150 million in spending. Hundreds of jobs are on the line

The budget gap is an expected result of the end of federal pandemic relief programs, which were meant to help school districts manage the impact on student learning. District leaders have been preparing for this day with analyses of how they spent the money, so they can try to preserve what has been most effective for students.

How many missed days of school are too many? Here’s what you need to know about attendance.

In Colorado, just this fall, state officials said almost a third of students are chronically absent. The number has gone up significantly since the pandemic and schools are struggling to figure out how to get kids to return to classes.

Newark Public Schools has plans to tackle difficulties in student reading, writing

The director of the district’s English language arts department, Jazleen Othman, spelled out three problems with the district’s instruction at a recent Board committee meeting: ineffective reading instruction during the pandemic, simplifying the curriculum, and inadequate writing instruction.

Why this award-winning school superintendent donates his bonus back for his students every year

If his school community had to choose between himself and its nine therapy dogs, David Snowden of the Franklin Special School District jokes that “the director of schools would have to go.”

Schools have struggled to add learning time after COVID. Here’s how one district did it.

What’s happening at Columbus East Elementary near Chicago is one of the rare efforts nationally to give students more instructional time in an attempt to make up for what they lost during the pandemic.

Will bipartisan education reform be revived? Maybe not any time soon

Former Education Secretary Arne Duncan wants the country to adopt a unifying set of ambitious education goals, but he doubts any politician will lead the way in doing so.

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