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‘Scary’: Public-school textbooks the latest target as book bans intensify

The board of trustees for the Cypress Fairbanks independent school district in Houston voted 6-1 earlier this month to redact certain chapters in science textbooks, including those about vaccines, human growth, diversity, and climate change.

Are your kids being spied on? The rise of anti-cheating software in US schools

Remote proctoring tools have faced pushback at colleges over privacy and discrimination concerns, but their use in K-12 schools has attracted less scrutiny.

Ohio to purchase mobile homes to train public school staff in firearms

In a first, the state has purchased shoot houses designed for indoor gun training to help school staff ‘respond to active shooter’

California moves to ban fake gunfire in school active-shooter drills

New legislation would standardize how public schools conduct such drills and avoid ‘doing more harm than good’

‘Hey, I grew that’: the Native American public school that’s decolonizing foodways

In Nebraska's Umoⁿhoⁿ Nation, teens learn about nutrition and build tribal sovereignty by farming for their school and community.

Library cuts and teachers quitting: Texas’s takeover of Houston schools

Staff call for the state-appointed superintendent to be removed amid an implementation of a rigid curriculum as over 600 teachers resign.

‘A perfect microcosm’: one town’s lawsuit and the rightwing battle for California schools

Kelly Staley first learned about the lawsuit from a reporter. A parent was suing her, the superintendent of the Chico Unified School District, over an alleged “parental secrecy” policy, the reporter said, claiming a school counselor had encouraged her fifth-grader to adopt a new gender and that the school had withheld that information.

U.S. public schools took a stance on Israel-Hamas. The backlash was swift

The politicization of education has resulted in schools becoming culture-war battlegrounds, often leading to more division than solidarity.

‘Is this an appropriate use of AI or not?’: Teachers say classrooms are now AI testing labs

Educators are trying to understand how these tools work and, perhaps most pressingly, how they can be misused.

California students can no longer be suspended for ‘willful defiance’. Could nationwide change be next?

At least 25 states and the District of Columbia allow schools to suspend students for “willful defiance”, according to the LawAtlas Project’s Policy Surveillance Portal. This week, California became the first state in the US to ban such suspensions for all students, expanding a pre-existing ban on the disciplinary practice for students in grades kindergarten through eighth grade.

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