How 2 districts got the devices students needed

Since the spring, administrators at Pharr-San Juan-Alamo ISD in Texas have taken several different actions to supply devices to the 14,000 students who have requested them.

How schools can build physical activity into classroom instruction

Even with students being stretched on and off campus, and with some in front of screens, there are unique ways to get them out of their seats to participate

Offer empathy, reassurance for grieving students this school year

When the pandemic claims the life of a teacher, students will need support in dealing with their grief. Here's what educators can do.

Communicating with parents during the pandemic: A how-to guide

Following are 4 considerations to keep in mind, including FERPA rules, parents' comfort level with technology, and state and district policies.

How a district got teachers engaged in online PD

Teachers participated about 10,000 times in professional development sessions offered by Cumberland County Schools this spring after the sudden shift to online learning.

Substitute teachers in special ed classrooms

5 questions administrators must know the answers to before sending a substitute teacher into to fill in for a special education teacher

COVID survey shows anxiety and optimism in high school

More than three-quarters of high school have experienced stress, isolation or anxiety during COVID, but many young people report feeling optimistic about the future.

Keeping connected with military families during hybrid learning

A director of technology shares his best practices for building and maintaining a community among a highly mobile population.

5 lessons learned after PD paid for by CARES Act funds

A school district shares best practices its administrators can pinpoint after having used the federal funds to support professional development.

How are districts affected by cancellation of IFR to calculate CARES Act funding?

School systems in states that followed the interim final rule on equitable services for private schools are in a tricky spot if they already allocated funds to these schools.

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