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6 school stability best practices for homeless students

By taking these actions, a homelessness expert says schools can help this group of students to continue their education without disruptions.

Equitable services under CARES Act

Minnesota offers supports to help school districts clarify issues related to how the federal money can be spent.

Alaska uses CARES Act funds to prioritize distance learning

Getting new technology into schools in rural villages is very costly, so school districts must be very careful in stretching every dollar received.

Enrollment decline can be concern for school districts

The number of students enrolled ties directly to the amount of state funding a district receives under the CARES Act—and if those funds are not spent by Dec. 30, they will return to the federal government.

5 lessons learned after PD paid for by CARES Act funds

A school district shares best practices its administrators can pinpoint after having used the federal funds to support professional development.

How are districts affected by cancellation of IFR to calculate CARES Act funding?

School systems in states that followed the interim final rule on equitable services for private schools are in a tricky spot if they already allocated funds to these schools.

5 best practices for building family engagement capacity

Districts are obligated to comply with federal laws related to engaging with families, even with pandemic protocols keeping parents from being in school buildings. Here's how parents of children in Los Angeles schools are being reached.

ED: Interim final rule to calculate CARES Act is no longer in effect

The statement comes a few days after a U.S. District Court judge rules that the U.S. Education Department exceeded its authority when it released the interim final rule.

Colorado provides educator qualifications guidance to LEAs

What requirements must teachers and paraprofessionals employed in Title I schools meet under the Every Student Succeeds Act and state mandates?

7 priorities for administrators in the first weeks of reopening schools

While preparing for various formats of school this year, administrators in one Arizona school district put their efforts into meeting the needs of students, families and educators.

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