Cara Nissman

7 ways to strengthen your leadership skills during pandemic

To continue to lead staff effectively as the pandemic continues, special education directors may want to take cues from strong leaders in other industries.

Don’t assume remote learning is safest for students with disabilities

Is a student with an IEP plan being denied FAPE if a school team expresses a preference for that student to learn from home? Here's how to avoid opening up the district to litigation.

Independent study vs. distance learning for students with disabilities

School teams should respond with FAPE in mind when a parent of a student with a disability requests independent study from home.

Don’t dismiss a doctor’s prescription for a student to be evaluated

Here's what school teams should do when a parent presents a doctor's note calling for an evaluation, service, or IEP for a student.

5 tech tools to help students with ADHD manage hybrid learning

Here's how learning management system features, digital smart pens, audio notetakers, timers and noise reducers can support students with attention deficit disorder.

Reduce challenging student behavior using youth engagement specialists

An alternative to the school resource officer, a youth engagement specialist can use a therapeutic approach to managing behavioral issues students are experiencing. What roles should these professionals play?

Supporting students with dyslexia during school closures

Here are six tips for reducing feelings of distraction and isolation and for ensuring that students with dyslexia don't lose ground in literacy progress.

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