How one college prep site rates your school system on 3 big priorities

It’s hard to argue that superintendents and their leadership teams have three higher priorities than student success, school quality, and the safety of everyone who learns and works in their district.

Here is where all 50 state school systems rank on these priorities based on graduation rates, access to resources, test scores, bullying-prevention programs and dozens of other data points crunched by Scholaroo, a college scholarship search platform.

Here are the top 10 overall, followed by the top 10 in each category:

  1. New Jersey
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Vermont
  4. Connecticut
  5. Massachusetts
  6. New York
  7. Maine
  8. Delaware
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Virginia
  11. Colorado

Student success

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Connecticut
  3. New Hampshire
  4. New Jersey
  5. Maryland
  6. Maine
  7. Virginia
  8. Vermont
  9. Washington
  10. Colorado

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Student safety

  1. New Jersey
  2. Colorado
  3. Maine
  4. Vermont
  5. Ohio
  6. New Hampshire
  7. Delaware
  8. South Dakota
  9. Oregon
  10. North Dakota

School quality

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Connecticut
  3. Vermont
  4. New York
  5. New Jersey
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Delaware
  8. Rhode Island
  9. Pennsylvania
  10. Virginia

The site also ranks state systems on bullying and dropout rates, math scores, spending per pupil, and student-teacher ratios.

Matt Zalaznick
Matt Zalaznick
Matt Zalaznick is a life-long journalist. Prior to writing for District Administration he worked in daily news all over the country, from the NYC suburbs to the Rocky Mountains, Silicon Valley and the U.S. Virgin Islands. He's also in a band.

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