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Talking Out Of School’ Podcast: How LAUSD gave every student a powerful AI buddy

"It's your best friend, your concierge, your personal assistant, your buddy," Superintendent Alberto Carvalho says of "Ed," the district's AI platform. "Ed is transforming a school district of 540,000 students into 540,000 schools of one for everyone."

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: Why authenticity is so important for Principal Kafele

"You remind them, you've got to make sure there's harmony in your life, there's balance, so you don't lose sight of the fact that you're not just that leader, you're also a human being away from the school," is a key part of Baruti Kafele's message to building leaders.

‘Talking out of School’ podcast: Addressing a complexity of needs

Transforming K12 into a more fully student-centered system is the wicked problem facing public schools, says Robin Lake, director of the Center on Reinventing Public Education.

‘Talking Out of School Podcast’: Superintendents must be resilient

In this episode, we have a chat with Sean Bulson, superintendent of Harford County Public Schools in Maryland, who is in his 11th year as a district leader. He shares his advice for newer leaders on how to be an effective leader without running on empty.

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: Here comes the 100 Superintendent March

In this episode, three superintendents describe how they will "represent marginalized communities as well as all communities across the U.S." when they make their voices heard at the White House and in Congress next week.

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: ‘The most complicated budget year ever’

Superintendents and school boards are solidifying their spending plans as ESSER expires and other financial pressures mount, says Marguerite Roza, director of the Edunomics Lab at Georgetown University.

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: What it’s like being a new superintendent in 2024

In this episode, we sit down with Denise Watts, superintendent of Savannah-Chatham County Public Schools in Georgia, to learn how her first year as a superintendent is going and what it takes to thrive as a new district leader.

‘Talking Out of School’ podcast: AASA 2024 National Superintendent of the Year Finalist Joe Gothard

Keeping students at the center of every conversation. This idea has been central to Saint Paul Public Schools Superintendent Joe Gothard's success in his district. Listen how he's pathing the way for students in episode two of DA's "Talking Out of School" podcast.

DA launches new ‘Talking Out of School’ podcast with Randi Weingarten

The best principals and superintendents are the ones who say to their staff, "What can I do to help you? What do you need?" That's the assessment AFT union head Randi Weingarten shared on the premiere episode of "Talking Out of School."

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