The not-so-cinematic theaters at FETC that you do not want to miss

FETC 2023 will feature six "must-attend" theaters designed to designed to inspire and inform attendees on the latest education innovations.

Sudden change: 2 superintendents resign abruptly and 2 others are fired

Superintendents in Sonoma, California, and Judson, Texas, have stepped down suddenly in recent days, while other leaders have switched districts or been dismissed without warning.

3 ways leaders can begin to reverse a widening achievement gap

The highest and lowest achievers in a typical fifth-grade classroom pre-COVID were separated by as many as seven grade levels. That has widened, new research shows.

Parental control: 3 conditions that will help leaders help families

Parental control means families are increasingly insisting that schools adjust instruction to meet their children's needs, interests and schedules.

After School Satan Clubs are now a thing—but the devil’s not invited

After School Satan Clubs are about lighting up students' curiosity, not devil worship or attempts to convert children to Satanism—the organization doesn't even believe there is a Hell, the Satanic Temple says on its website.

Which states are being hit the hardest by teacher shortages right now?

Some states are better off when it comes to teacher shortages. But which states are suffering the most? According to a recent analysis, Florida has the fewest teachers compared to the state's population.

How you can learn to lead a staff that’s facing burnout

In January 2023, the Future of Education Technology® Conference will host several sessions and workshops designed to give both educators and leaders the knowledge to have happier lives and careers.

Why these students are grooming dogs and running a bank—at school

Blackman High School in Tennessee gives students real-world experience in pet care and finance to prepare them for their future careers and help support the school's academic programs in the process.

How well does each state teach financial education? Tennessee tops the list

A new report ranks states on how well they provide financial education, including those that don't require financial literacy courses.

Superintendent fired in first act of Moms for Liberty-dominated school board

Deon Jackson, who was just hired in May 2021, was fired without explanation by the Berkeley County School District's newly elected school board in South Carolina.

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