Student safety

Briefly a hurricane, Nicole shuts down more schools in southeast states

Tropical Storm Nicole, a Category 1 hurricane when it made landfall, continues to force schools across the Southeast to close or shift to remote learning.

Two common safety misconceptions schools must address with parents

Despite what parents argue, lockdown drills and cellphone bans are essential to keeping schools quiet and secure for first responders.

A student wore a Nazi Halloween costume. Now the principal is suspended

The Chicago Teachers Union called on the city's mayor to remove the principal permanently because of what it described as a history of intolerance at Jones College Prep.

AirDrop attack: A brand new wave of threats is now closing schools

What's more troubling is that, since AirDrop users have to be relatively close to each other to share files, these threats—which have forced entire districts to shut down—are likely coming from within schools.

Student privacy: Are photos in school Facebook posts putting it at risk?

While many schools may be posting photos to Facebook to connect with their communities and display student achievements and other uplifting news, the analysis also pointed to some unsettling, if unintended, consequences.

‘Who doesn’t love a yellow school bus?’ Soon, they’ll be electric

The Biden-Harris Administration announced that nearly $1 billion will go toward cleaner and safer vehicles, with the goal of "not only saving our children but, for them, the planet."

Happiness gap: 10 signs that some students are less OK than others

Students' perspectives on happiness, suicide, bullying and getting help provide some eye-opening revelations about the severity of our mental health crisis.

The flu sends home nearly half of one Virginia high school’s students

Nearly 1,000 students were absent from school last week with flu-like symptoms, indicating a troubling flu season ahead.

Armed security at schools? Yes, please, say 82% of parents in new poll

Despite recent events surrounding school security, more and more parents support arming their school officers and SROs.

Texas schools distribute DNA kits to families to help identify students in case of shooting

Parents say they are sickened by the new policy and argue that action needs to be taken to prevent violence rather than plan for its aftermath.

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