Student safety

Restorative justice: Why it may be the best response as behavior worsens

Restorative justice reduced arrests by 19% and out-of-school suspensions dropped by nearly as much in Chicago Public Schools that have adopted less punitive discipline.

Digital civil rights: 7 ways to protect student privacy as AI expands

Advocates are warning that schools' efforts to detect dangerous online activity increasingly threaten both academic freedom and the privacy of students—particularly those from the LGBTQ+ community, Title I schools and other marginalized groups.

These are the top 10 topics school boards are discussing right now

This may come as news to some superintendents and district leaders: Book bans and pride flags are not the main topics of discussion at every school board meeting in the country. Still, school boards are grappling with some complicated topics.

How Mt. Diablo Unified leader and his team are controlling the narrative

Frequent and enthusiastic communication is Superintendent Adam Clark's top tool in maintaining enrollment and combatting misinformation.

Masks are back at some schools. How bad will COVID politics get?

A Maryland elementary school's mask mandate for a single class is setting off alarm bells—but not so much about the spread of infection.

Why parents are still concerned for their child’s safety at school

Although there are signs of improvement, a new Gallup poll suggests fears remain at levels unseen since the late 1970s. What's keeping parents on edge?

How a late-summer heat wave is affecting schools across the country

Several school districts report having a number of buildings that lack the proper air conditioning needed to support students and staff as heat indexes reach the mid-to-high 90s in some areas. How are they adapting?

Several districts shut down as powerful storm Idalia threatens Florida

Districts in Hernando and Citrus counties are among the first to cancel classes in what will likely become a cascade of closures over the next 24 hours if the forecasts hold.

3 campus safety measures schools can use to tighten security

Institutions are displaying a revamped focus to strengthen student safety measures, many of which are bolstered by emerging technologies.

What does the Saturn app do and why are schools warning against it?

Saturn's shared calendar purports to help high school students organize their academic, extracurricular and social lives. But school districts say it may put personal information at risk.

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