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6 steps to successfully vetting new technology

Save time, money and headaches by first knowing what you want and need.

How to transform technology departments to be focused on teaching and learning

Wake County CTO Marlo Gaddis, a featured speaker at FETC 2020, says that changing a district's technology culture requires creating a vision, understanding your resources and using a balanced approach.

Help students stay focused, manage distractions with these online tools

At the recent International Society for Technology in Education conference, special education teacher and edtech consultant Katie Nieves Licwinko shared these five apps to reduce online distractions at school.

FETC 2020 preview: Administrator Track

The Administrator Track at FETC 2020 will feature sessions and workshops specifically for district leaders.

IES awards $10.2 million in edtech grants to 23 organizations

This year's grantees are focused on the development of a range of tools such as a platform to evaluate scholastic esports programs, an augmented reality sandbox for early learning STEM instruction, and a web-based tool to assess communication skills that students need for college and career readiness.

Encouraging inventiveness in the classroom

We are all familiar with invention—the process of creating something new and useful. But what about the creativity factors that play a large role...

New school year brings spate of cyberattacks

The start of the new school year has seen a spike in cyberattacks against districts across the country, with small districts emerging as an especially attractive ransomware target by hackers.

Online databases provide equity, help close achievement gaps in Kentucky district

Today, more than 101,000 K-12 students at Jefferson County Public Schools in Louisville, Kentucky, use online databases by Gale, a Cengage Company. Sponsored content by Gale, a Cengage Company.

District increases security through Sourcewell’s partnership with CrisisGo

LaGrange School District 102 recently began piloting a free version of the CrisisGo safety platform through Sourcewell, a government agency that provides cooperative-contract purchasing solutions nationally. Sponsored content by Sourcewell.

How IT leaders can start the school year off right

Partnering with the IT team to celebrate achievements, review targets, and address the new year's goals and expectations are key to success, says Lenny Schad, District Administration's chief information and innovation officer and technology editor-at-large.

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