Kara Arundel

7 ways to keep students with food allergies safe in school

Many schools opening for in-person instruction this fall will require students to eat meals in the classroom. How can educators avoid putting students with food allergies at risk of having an allergic reaction?

Educators, lawmakers discuss ways to offer in-person services to vulnerable students

Students with disabilities, and those from poorer families, likely struggled the most during extended school closures this spring, testified witnesses at a hearing on reopening schools hosted by a House subcommittee.

How to lessen the ‘enormity of challenge’ when students return to school

Learn the five key considerations educators should ask when responding to students' academic, behavioral, and social-emotional needs when school resumes.

3 do’s and 2 don’ts for planning summer 2020 ESY offerings

As districts plan how they will deliver extended school year services, they must make these important considerations to ensure IDEA compliance and transparency with parents.

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