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Steven Blackburn


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DA celebrates STEAM and STEM Day by compiling seven innovative ideas and initiatives in STEM education.
Due to declining enrollment, administrators are pursuing school closings and starting the school consolidation process.
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Superintendents in Georgia (Jason Branch, pictured, top right), Illinois (Habeeb Quadri, bottom right), New York (Eudes S. Budhai, left) and Tennessee (Monique Felder, center right) are recognized for success in their districts.
While districts such as Detroit Public Schools are struggling to provide quality education in the U.S., others are finding success in their college and career readiness programs. 
In what could be perceived as a form of school segregation, the state of Arkansas could return some of the schools it previously took from Little Rock School District but plans on keeping schools that have high minority populations, a move that has alarmed school desegregation activists.