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Steven Blackburn


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Student bullying in schools is increasing, even though district leaders have created anti-bullying programs to address the problem. And when schools fail to address bullying, lawsuits and even parental fines could result.
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As schools around the U.S. are banning cell phones in the classroom, Forest Hills Public Schools recently enacted their own mobile phone ban.
Jo Ann Matthews, Southern Network Leader, Louisiana Department of Education (top, left); Barbara J. Case, Superintendent, General Brown Central School District, New York (top, right); James Carrick, Principal, Fountain Hills Middle School, Arizona (bottom, left); and Raymond Sanchez, Superintendent, Ossining Union Free School District, New York (bottom, right).
Saint Louis Public Schools has been helping students with anxiety in school through social-emotional learning interventions and by sharing student academic and behavioral data with parents in real-time.
Kriner Cash of Buffalo Public Schools implements new programs (top, left); Aleesia Johnson now officially leads Indianapolis Public Schools (bottom, left); Ian Saltzman, a graduate of DA’s National Superintendents Academy, now heads up Everett School District (bottom, right); and Glenn Maleyko of Dearborn Public Schools is recognized for success (top, right).