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Steven Blackburn


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Jeffery Smith (top, left) boosts graduation rate and lowers dropout rate for Virginia district; John Jungmann (top, right) launches Missouri district collaboratives; LeVar Ammons (bottom, left) becomes director of equity and student success in Illinois; and Michael Looney (bottom, right) is heading up a Georgia district.
As part of a school community outreach event, Pittsburgh-area students shopped for groceries, repaired sinks and trimmed hedges. This school community engagement strategy was meant to connect with senior citizens who pay taxes but have no other ties to the district.
Even though the use of computer technology in schools has greatly impacted schools, there are still barriers to technology integration in K-12.
School administrators can learn effective strategies on how to stop school fights by participating in training seminars from companies such as the Crisis Prevention Institute (CPI). This can lead to effective school violence prevention policies.
The AgWorks learning lab has sustainable technology that reduces and eliminates food waste, and 1,080 solar panels that power 100% of the facility. Students can monitor data from the solar panels as part of their distance learning assignments.
Lewis Ferebee served previously as superintendent of Indianapolis Public Schools, where he oversaw Hispanic and black graduation rates surpass the district average—with the latter breaking the state average.
Schools around the country are teaming with service providers to better support students and staff.
At Northern Cass School District #97, Christian Thompson and Brit Breiland co-teach a STEAM class for middle school learners. Co-teaching is an example of collaborative teaching.
K-12 schools in California, Alabama, Idaho, Colorado, Missouri, Maryland and Arizona select new products and services to boost student learning, simplify record-keeping and manage computer systems.
The Oak Lawn Community High School Spartan Sisterhood group volunteers at the Greater Chicago Depository.