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Steven Blackburn

FULFILLING THE NEED—Educators in Wake County, N.C., identified about 10,000 students who lacked internet access. Activate Good, a local nonprofit, stepped up. A team of 140 community volunteers worked alongside 70 district staff volunteers to get more than 10,000 AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots prepped for distribution to students’ homes.
The new racial school policy at Indianapolis Public Schools is the latest installment in the Indiana district's ongoing effort to eliminate racism and biases, including its push to make every building a racial equity school and to include more racially diverse books in the classroom.
In addition to schools that are paying for AP tests and expanding school summer programs, Lansing School District 158's Equity in Facilities initiative is closing the achievement gap through school construction projects.
Before automating math interventions to help students struggling with math, 84% of Williamsville Central School District students in grade 5 passed the final exam. Since the district began using grade free tests at all four middle schools, the district’s passing rate has increased to 90%. The first pilot school now has a 95% passing rate.
In addition to exploring science outside and dissecting science in the news, students also did science experiments with household items such as creating and testing bridges made out of paper and tape.
School salary cuts and lead to low school morale and teacher resignations, so district leaders need to focus on boosting teacher morale. 
When planning graduation, Kennett High School came up with creating a ski lift graduation at Cranmore Mountain resort.
School donations are on the rise as businesses continue to send used devices so every student can access online learning but district leaders need to determine whether or not to accept donated equipment such as laptop donations.
School temperature screening can be improved using thermal video technology that performs thermal detection. Some thermal camera platforms can perform mass fever screening of many students simultaneously to reduce the mitigation of COVID-19.