Steven Blackburn

As the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic restrains education resources and teacher services, solution providers are now offering free teaching resources as well as free education services to help online learning and more.
These four administrators were either named a Superintendent of the Year or became the recipient of another distinguished K-12 award recently. DA also recognizes five new superintendents. 
Many schools are adopting year-round schooling. However, some schools that originally switched to a year-round school schedule are reverting back to the traditional school calendar.
District 207 created a hybrid block schedule that embeds lunch periods during classes each week. This schedule accommodates weekly ASCEND workshops to help tear down the educational barriers for latino students. At this workshops,  participants discuss the challenges latino students face and what it’s like being a minority student who is “leveling up” at Maine West without cutting into academic classes.
An elementary school principal from a building that adopted STEM education in 2012 shares STEM ideas and how to start a STEM program in elementary school in response to a STEAM survey. 
More Hayward USD students are taking college classes in high school and middle school thanks to a college readiness and concurrent enrollment program there. By offering college credits in high school and middle school, Hayward USD is offsetting the course work of their students once they graduate high school and helping their families financially.