Instructional technology

Can virtual reality experiences be accomplished remotely?

Solution providers offer insights for schools to provide VR experiences during closures.

Las Vegas school blends video games with curriculum

With the help of his students, Hubert Ham put esports on the map at Alexander Dawson School. It came with a worthwhile price: learning, not just playing.

3 best practices for taking students on virtual field trips

While virtual reality takes students (and teachers) to many places around the world they would otherwise never go, implementing virtual reality field trips for teaching takes time. Here are some best practices for taking students on virtual reality field trips.

Where to find the right network support to maintain VR experiences

Schools should check in with IT tech support, instructional tech coaches and tech-savvy librarians.

How to get teachers comfortable with VR technology

Encourage teachers to connect with instructional technology teams, participate in seminars and create PLCs.

4 concepts for balancing screen time in the online learning era

Screen time, social media, video games and various other online and digital activities are pretty much the only way students can maintain social lives under stay-at-home orders.

How educators encourage digital wellness in ed-tech use

All screen time is not created equal, notes Chief Technology Officer Rich Boettner of Hilliard City Schools in Ohio, which has been a trendsetter managing student devices.

How to create a healthy ed-tech culture in class and at home

How teachers and administrators can set guidelines when helping students—and parents—navigate screen time, smartphones and the internet.

How two districts helped students disconnect from devices

Can students survive an entire school day without their smartphone screens? How about a whole school year? The answer is a resounding yes in at least two districts.

How to create a distance learning plan for all students

A flexible plan that leverages existing tech resources and focuses on communication is key, say DA guest columnists Mark D. Benigni and Susan O. Moore, of Meriden Public Schools. They share their strategy—plus seven implementation tips.

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